Friday, September 24, 2010

Um, OK?

*Update* Big thanks to my girl, Classy&Fabulous for this tip off! Apparently, the jean jacket and lehnga look is central to the plot of Anjaana Anjaani. Classy&Fab watched the movie and learned that Piggy's character rushes off for a flight and decides that the jean jacket will keep her warm. I agree with you Classy&Fab, I'm not buying her logic either. NYC winters are coooold.

I have to wonder: did designer Manish Malhotra simply get tired while creating this look for his runway? I mean really. It's the only explanation I can come up with for pairing a gorge, classic MM lehnga with a jean jacket. I never thought I'd see shearling as part of a MM creation. Photos: getty.


Mehak said...

Honestly, i hate the lehenga, i hate the jacket and both of them together is disaster....

desipolitan said...

lol, Mehak. So I take it you dislike the creation? Is that putting it mildly?

Classy&Fabulous said...

My God.
The other explanation could be that the choli didnt fir her properly and they used this weird jacket to cover it up and thought they`re being really clever and making a Really cool style statement.
did not expect this from manish malhotra.
im surprised papers like delhi times or ht city havnt slammed this