Saturday, September 25, 2010

LFW: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly.

Rhea Kapoor displayed both shared genes and a shared sense of style with sister Sonam. I'm loving the structured, almost military-inspired jacket as it really pulls her look together. I heart that deep green envelope-style clutch as it provides a sleek pop of color.Meanwhile, Sophie departed from her Day 4 well put together look with some fugtacular fugliness. She must've given her stylist the day off, which while very considerate of her, was also a colossal mistake. What's wrong with her look? The better question is "what is right?" and the answer would be "not a damn thing". For starters, the clashing prints of her top and skirt are a pain to behold. Furthermore, the proportions of the top and skirt are totally off. The length of the skirt would be better suited to a smartly tucked in blouse. The matchy matchy pink purse and frumpy pink comfort pumps add nothing to her look. Bleh.And finally, Mandira's kimono-inspired monstrosity on Day 5 was way more skanky than cool because in addition to the exposed back and mid-section, she opted for thistight denim. I mean I don't like the top at baseline anyway - it's so tight as to be unflattering even on the fittest body. You never want to look like you've been poured into an outfit. Even the slightest tugging of fabric is amplified when said fabric is super shiny satin. She makes matters worse by failing to balance the tight top with a looser bottom. Photos: getty.

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Classy&Fabulous said...

My god what is mandira bedi wearing!!
anyway. i love your little 'Dhoond' button:D