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A is for Adorable.

TV hostess with the mostest Padma Lakshmi was recently spotted out and about with her adorable daughter Krishna. The yummy mummy wore a lovely teal blue sari with gold and purple accents. Young Krishna's frock was in-keeping with her mum's sari boasting its own sari border. What a novel idea - using sari material for baby frocks! I like! And how adorable does Krishna look with the payal on her chubby little ankles. Love! Photos: via People and Albert Michael/Startraks.

LFW: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly.

Rhea Kapoor displayed both shared genes and a shared sense of style with sister Sonam. I'm loving the structured, almost military-inspired jacket as it really pulls her look together. I heart that deep green envelope-style clutch as it provides a sleek pop of color.Meanwhile, Sophie departed from her Day 4 well put together look with some fugtacular fugliness. She must've given her stylist the day off, which while very considerate of her, was also a colossal mistake. What's wrong with her look? The better question is "what is right?" and the answer would be "not a damn thing". For starters, the clashing prints of her top and skirt are a pain to behold. Furthermore, the proportions of the top and skirt are totally off. The length of the skirt would be better suited to a smartly tucked in blouse. The matchy matchy pink purse and frumpy pink comfort pumps add nothing to her look. Bleh.And finally, Mandira's kimono-inspired monstrosity on Day 5 was way …

Prime Time is Now Brown Time.

*Update* How could I forget? This isn't a complete listing of desis on Amrikan tv without the inclusion of Kunal Nayyar who plays genius physicist on The Big Bang Theory. My apologies for the omission! With the debut of the new fall lineup this side of the Pond, we see for the first time an absolute proliferation of desippearances. I mean, it's been real these last couple of years with funnyman Aziz Ansari on Parks and Recreation, the lovely Emmy-winning Archie Panjabi on The Good Wife, Maulik Pancholy as the smarmy butt-kisser on 30 Rock, and of course the ever-quirky Danny Pudi on Community. Oh and don't worry, Aasif Mandvi, I certainly didn't forget your informed news reporting for The Daily Show. Adriane over at MTV Iggy has an insightful report on the newest kids on the primetime block: Nirvana, The Kumars, and Outsourced and what she calls the "Slumdog Effect". I haven't caught any of these yet (though I've seen plenty of promos for Outsourced a…

Um, OK?

*Update* Big thanks to my girl, Classy&Fabulous for this tip off! Apparently, the jean jacket and lehnga look is central to the plot of Anjaana Anjaani. Classy&Fab watched the movie and learned that Piggy's character rushes off for a flight and decides that the jean jacket will keep her warm. I agree with you Classy&Fab, I'm not buying her logic either. NYC winters are coooold.
I have to wonder: did designer Manish Malhotra simply get tired while creating this look for his runway? I mean really. It's the only explanation I can come up with for pairing a gorge, classic MM lehnga with a jean jacket. I never thought I'd see shearling as part of a MM creation. Photos: getty.

Always a Don't.

I am so disturbed by the frosted tips that I can't even begin to comment on the King Tut's tomb motif playing out on Jackie's shirt at LFW. No self-respecting man, let alone at Jackie's age should ever, ever, have frosted tips! Photo: getty.

Got a Fave?

I sure do! At Manish Malhotra's show at LFW, Preity stood out with her fresh and flirty pink, tiered ruffle combo. I love that she chose to pair it with pale gold sandals which allowed the bright dress to do all the talking. A close second was Sopie C - I did like the geometric print and color of Sophie's choice (haha Sophie's choice. Get it? Excuse me while I giggle over my clever pun). OK enough of patting myself on the back. Urmi disappointed with the fire engine red clutch and peep toes which while matching her dress, just distracted me instead. And Rani. Poor, sweet Rani. You're at LFW for god's sake! Live it up a little. Her head-to-toe black brought boredom inspired tears to my eyes. Plus, where PZ's short hemline did wonders for lengthening her legs, Rani's falls short. Well actually it was too long, but that just made her look shorter. Photos: getty.

Aubergine or Eggplant?

Whatever you choose to call it, this lovely purple hue is an excellent way to ease the transition from summer to fall. I love Lara D's purple smokey eye at the Vero Moda fashion show in Mumbai. It's a fun twist on the more common gun mental version of the smokey eye. Also, I think the piecey flip takes her bob out of boring territory. Photo: getty.

Belly Couture.

Manyata Dutt recently had a baby shower thrown in her honor. Judging by the perfusion of the color pink at the event, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the Dutts are expecting a little girl. Congrats of course are in order for the mamma and pappa-to-be. However, it appears Manyata was bent upon doing everything in her power to counteract the lovely glow of pregnancy: enter pale pink lipstick and that mumu of a gown. Seriously. Was she shopping from the Barbie line of maternity/evening wear? And that ghastly lipstick was an epic fail! Photo: getty
Mrs. D should really pick up a thing or do from Karisma K. who managed to maintain her chic style throughout her second pregnancy. Here she is rocking a chudidaar kurta several months ago. Photo: ndtv/viral bhayani
Here's a more recent pic of the fabulous Karisma at a promotional event for Dabang where I am going to guess that she is still wearing a suit from her preggo days (hell with cute maternity wear like her's, wh…

Blast from the Past.

Through no fault of my own, this blog is rapidly devolving into a showcase of Kangana's sartorial misfires. Check her out at the mahurat of Double Dhamaal. Is she in character? And is said character an '80s flight attendant complete with triangular perm? Because the answer to these questions has to be "yes" in order for me to even consider her attire to be semi-acceptable. Photo: getty


Hot tamale MAK gives all self-respecting hip-hop impresarios a run for their dolla dolla bills with this obscene level of bling. No really. It is downright gross. With all that megawatt bling, one wonders if it was really necessary for MAK to hit her signature provocative cougar on the prowl poses.Mind you, this is not part of her personal collection (how ridic would that be?!), but it is a piece crafted for a promotional event by Orra. Still, a choli made of 500+ carats of Belgian diamonds? Yowza! The price? A cool $1.3 million. That sari is clearly an afterthought here. But what's next? Diamond encrusted chudis? I shudder at the thought!
Photos: getty.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.

OK, listen. I'm all about playing with your look and changing it up now and again. But I also firmly believe that hair extensions should be used carefully, and when used, subtlety should be the goal! Apparently, this is one lesson that Piggy Chops refuses to learn. Darn her for being so stubborn! I last posted regarding her awful use of extensions well over a year ago! And yet. Here we are. Back at it again. Perhaps she's just a slow learner?At the launch of her personal web site, Piggy C was sans extensions. I love the naturally wavy texture she's got to work with, however this hair cut is doing absolutely nothing for her! The layers are too choppy and do nothing in terms of shape. It's very boxy and unflattering. With this cut, the only look she can pull off is flat-ironed sleek which does get a tad boring after a while. To recap: hurray for natural texture, hurray for no dreadful extensions, but boo for the ugly hair cut.The very next day, as if like a Chia Pet, Pig…


Ask and you shall receive! Looks to me like Ms. Kangana made strides toward redeeming herself from her previous dreadful appearances with her lovely sea foam green chudidaar suit at Sanjay Dutt's Iftar dinner. In addition to the color, the delicate embroidery plus the long sleeves balance out the plunging neckline, and her neutral peep toes are a nice touch.The blush is a bit overkill and her foundation is a touch too light for her complexion, but all in all, her appearance is still a vast improvement. Thank gods! I was starting to get worried about her. Photo: getty.

Fugtacular Fug Redux.

Good golly Ms. Kangana, what in the world is going on with you these days?! A dispute gotten out of hand with your regular stylist? Or perhaps you are intentionally fuggin' it up to draw attention to the plight of the put-upon palazzo pant? Whatever the cause, please return to your fashion senses! I deplore you! Still apparently buying up yards of fabric at Jo-Ann, here she is at an Alcatel phone launch. Where oh where do I begin?Gah. For a moment there, I thought I might be speechless. But here goes! Evidently Ms. K is bringing the '70s back. Sadly, the Alcatel event wasn't a costume party because this dress is very Marcia Brady. Those cheapo plasticy sandals certainly don't help her cause. Nor does the frizzy hair and oily skin. Living in Mumbai, you'd think all Bolly starlets would own heavy duty mattefiers. Nothing about her look works. I'm keeping my eyes open for Kangana to rebound from this string of awful appearances. Photo: getty.