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Check out Manisha and her new hubby honeymooning in Sievi, Finland. How adorable and outdoorsy are they?! I think the matching jackets are an especially nice touch. When you're hiking and birdwatching and whatnot (or whatever it is people do out there in nature), comfy is key and those dark khaki shades will prove useful should you come in contact with (cringe) dirt. Photos: reuters.

Rani of Style.

Rani really has come onto her own stylistically. I've always loved her as an actress, but let's face it. Style icon she wasn't always. But now she really seems comfortable in her looks (which being as blessed as she is, you might be surprised that it took so long), but Tinseltown is a fickle industry so I for one will cut Rani slack! She seems fit and and at ease and we here at desipolitan applaud that! At a recent Sabyasachi store launch, Rani breezed in wearing an olive jumpsuit. Now I will get nitpicky here, while I love the sandals she chose, I'm not so much a fan of that matchy-matchy belt. I would have opted for something perhaps bold and bejeweled since she also opted for a bare jewelry look. But this is a mere trifle and her overall look was fab. Makeup and hair are spot on as Rani sports her trademark taupe smokey eye and heavy kohl eyes, with nude lips and flowy straight hair. What a stunner.Photos: getty.

Curiouser and Curiouser.

We all know that Sallu Uncle is a bit obsessed with his physique. Has been for years! He clearly aspires to one day be a geriatric body builder. Anywho, the man so vain that we can play a drinking game with shots had for every time he needlessly removes his skin tight, mesh baby doll tee in his movies, and get good and drunk from doing so, surprised me at his recent press meet for his film Ready. Well given that he's as proud as a peacock about his looks, I was rather shocked by his haggard appearance. Sallu Uncle, you cannot "treat your body like a temple" but then forget all about your face! I don't care how toned and tight the bod is, the second we start seeing dark under-eye circles and puffiness, well, it's a dead giveaway! Now I don't normally advocate for men wearing makeup, but I do have a suggestion for our dear Sallu who so desperately thinks he's still 20. Use under-eye concealer, baba! No seriously. I am not joking. Get your butt to your neare…

YBTJ: Gender Bender Edition.

What's your take on this particular fashion faceoff? In one corner, we've got Deepika P. in a classic white button-down paired with skinnies and statement heels. In the other, we've got ... Randeep Hooda. That's right, everyone, we've got a dude. I do believe this is the first gender bender YBTJ to make it's way to desipolitan!Granted, we can't see his choice of footwear, but I think it is safe to say that DP delivers a knockout punch and this round belongs to her for low key, less-is-more style. By the by, why is Randeep showing more cleavage (or should I say "he-vage") than DP?!
Photo: getty.

Love Her!

When this girl gets it right, she absolutely nails it! Known for her fun, quirky style, Mandira B. was spot on at a recent People magazine bash. Her cute, cropped 'do and minimal accessories play up her fabu cut-out dress which let's be honest, one must ooze this kind of moxie to wear. Of course being in fantastic shape doesn't hurt either!Photo: getty

YBTJ: H-to-the-ideous Edition.

I know, I know. We haven't had one of these in a while. For those who missed the YBTJ posts, here's one that's a toss. We've got Kangana R. at a Once Upon a Time in Mumbai event, and Sonal S. at an Aashayein promo. Looks like these ladies got a real deal on some ghastly gold lamé fabric and decided to save a few bucks and go halfsies on it (looks like poor Sonal got the short end of that deal ... literally).Mini or floor length, methinks these gals need to stop bargain hunting at Jo-Ann Fabrics and pony up and actually purchase an outfit rather treating public appearances as opportunities to hone their sewing skills such as they were.
Photos: getty

Eat, Pray, Love, Y'all.

Admittedly, I am very excited about the upcoming release of this film. So much so that I am babbling about it here, in a decidedly Bolly-centric forum. Well the flick is heavily filmed in the Desh (i.e. the pray part) as India is one of 3 locales central to the novel. Interesting tid bit here about star Julia Roberts - and no, this link has nothing to do with Roberts allegedly declaring La Rai to be TMBWITW.

Shanti out.