Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What the What?!

Updated photos!Gorgeous sari, impeccable makeup, but hair teetering on the bouffant. Yep. That about describes La Rai at the Ravana premiere in London. I love the contrast between the rich color of the crushed velvet blouse (also digging the boat neck and long sleeves for a change) with the earth toned raw silk border of her sari. Asides from the poofiness, I'm also not loving La Rai's highlights - a little too light IMHO but way better placement than Bips!
You may wonder at the title of this post - well I'm getting to that now. Gurinder Chadha looks to me like she hurried out the door and "oopsie!" forgot her salwaars. What a cringeworthy mistake that is! If GC wants to dress like a shlub, the last thing she should do is stand next to the almost perfectly clad and coiffed La Rai!
Photo: reuters


Shahana Style said...

La Rai looks phenomenal. I haven't seen her hair loose/down with these highlights, but they look great up IMO. The up-do + boat neck choli are fitting.

desipolitan said...

I agree, Shahana! The up-do really sweeps the eye up and works so nicely with that blouse.

Classy&Fabulous said...

omg gurinder chadfha forgot to wear her churidarr!!!!
ive done some posts on Aishwariya as well on my blog. have a look if u have the time:)
I love ur blog cos its one of the few that are completely on fashion most indian blogs i find are on beauty.