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What the What?!

Updated photos!Gorgeous sari, impeccable makeup, but hair teetering on the bouffant. Yep. That about describes La Rai at the Ravana premiere in London. I love the contrast between the rich color of the crushed velvet blouse (also digging the boat neck and long sleeves for a change) with the earth toned raw silk border of her sari. Asides from the poofiness, I'm also not loving La Rai's highlights - a little too light IMHO but way better placement than Bips! You may wonder at the title of this post - well I'm getting to that now. Gurinder Chadha looks to me like she hurried out the door and "oopsie!" forgot her salwaars. What a cringeworthy mistake that is! If GC wants to dress like a shlub, the last thing she should do is stand next to the almost perfectly clad and coiffed La Rai! Photo: reuters


Well this old blog has passed the 100,000 hits mark! What what! Thank you, friends for dropping by. I hope that you all will continue to check in as I ramble on. Thank you for humoring me!!


Summertime and the Living's Good.

I'm digging Shweta Salve's look at a Chivas promotional event. It's very summery - the loose tunic balances out the short shorts and the chappals are a hit. The only thing I'd lose is that big, bulky shoulder bag which throws off an otherwise perfectly cute summer look.Photo: getty