Friday, June 25, 2010

What the fish ...

... is up with these couples?! I mean really. How can such good looking celebs dress so poorly? At the Rajneeti premiere, Mehr's sack of a dress is clearly too short. Meanwhile, hubby Arjun's suit is totally fine but why on earth did he feel compelled to borrow a 'do rag from Saifu? Also in attendance was Aamir with his perpetual fashion disaster of a wife, Kiran. Aamir, you're a talented actor but this does not give you license to show up to premieres looking like you were making a late night ice cream run. Dress up, man! And Kiran, quirky, eccentric, adventurous ... these are all excellent fashion traits. However, Kiran, you take it too far. Too far, I say! Her look can only be described as a Little House on the Prairie romper which no adult should ever wear. Ever. Photos: getty.

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