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Shaadi Story.

Splashed across the interweb so it's kinda hard to miss, is news of Manisha Koirala's recent nuptials. Apparently, she got married to a Nepalese businessman (evidently that's what the journies call someone of either independent family wealth, or occupation unknown) by the name of Samrat Dahal. By all accounts the wedding in Kathmandu was a traditional affair. Check out the photos from the event. I must say that Manisha's natural beauty was on full display with excellent makeup. Thanggod she didn't use her wedding as an occasion to cas it out! She looks radiant. I'm not so sure about the hair though - it's a tad beehivey, but I'll give her that much leeway. It is her wedding after all. And we all know, when it comes to weddings, it's the bride's way or no way! Felicitaciones to the happy couple!Photos: AP


How adorable are on-screen couple Imran and Sonam?! Here they are promoting their film I Hate Luv Stories (don't ask me about Bollywood's obsession with misspelling English words in movie titles). Sonam looks lovely as usual. The teal-gold combo is woefully underused IMHO. As for Imran, you all already know my thoughts on men in well tailored desi attire. Melikes!!Photo: getty

Flip Flop

Jacqueline Fernandez was showing a whole lotta leg on the IIFA red carpet in a gown that was decidedly very Malaika Arora Khan in style. I must say, she looks stunning! Glad she opted for a sparkly, nude sandal rather than going all matchy-matchy.Speaking of MAK, I loved her choice of a breezy maxi dress for said red carpet event. However the curious absence of makeup is startling - particularly for MAK who typically glams it up for events. Perhaps the airline lost her luggage?Photos: AP

What the fish ...

... is up with these couples?! I mean really. How can such good looking celebs dress so poorly? At the Rajneeti premiere, Mehr's sack of a dress is clearly too short. Meanwhile, hubby Arjun's suit is totally fine but why on earth did he feel compelled to borrow a 'do rag from Saifu? Also in attendance was Aamir with his perpetual fashion disaster of a wife, Kiran. Aamir, you're a talented actor but this does not give you license to show up to premieres looking like you were making a late night ice cream run. Dress up, man! And Kiran, quirky, eccentric, adventurous ... these are all excellent fashion traits. However, Kiran, you take it too far. Too far, I say! Her look can only be described as a Little House on the Prairie romper which no adult should ever wear. Ever. Photos: getty.

Upon Closer Inspection ...

It's summer-time and bright, saturated colors abound. The bright orange/hot pink combo is one of my faves. Sadly, it's about the only thing I like about Bips' red carpet attire at IIFA. It should come as no surprise that I despise her bra (oops blouse). Upon closer inspection, her hair is a disaster this go around! What's the deal with those horrendous highlights? They're far too light and streaky and generate the appearance of majorly damaged hair!Photo: reuters

Cannes-tastic! (part trois)

Alright, alright. I know it's a tad on the late side, but in case any of you were waiting with bated breath, here's the third starlet to be featured in Cannes-tastic: Mallika Sherawat. Before you say, "Shera-who?" she's the starlet famous for really nothing else than wearing bizarre cut-out clothing. That said, her initial outfits at Cannes were quite surprising. It was a parade of absolutely un-fashionable attire. She could best be described as dressed by Chic's ugly step-cousin Dowdy. And yes, the ever-publicity-hungry Ms. S is in fact posing provacatively with a snake in that last picture. What. The. Heck?! But just when you're thinking that perhaps Ms. S has taken a vow of frumpiness, wait for it...wait for it. There it is: classic Sherawat. For fans (such as there were) of Sherawat's OTT "style", she doesn't disappoint. For the the rest of us, in the words of Liz Lemon: "what the what?!". Photos:bollywood hungama

Cannes-tastic! (part deux)

The lovely Ms. Deepika was not one to content herself with being glamorous in the Desh. She too flitted off to Cannes - per various Indian media outlets, she was "representing India" at Cannes. I didn't realize countries had designated celeb-representatives at the Festival. Was this the capacity in which La Rai first attended as well? Anywho, I'm also told that Rohit Bal was responsible for all of DP's ensembles at Cannes and that he intentionally went traditional as opposed to western for his designs. I see a theme of maroon/creme/gold repeatedly which I find a touch boring. I'm all for flaunting traditional Indian attire at international events, but I do wish that Mr. Bal had taken a more adventurous (read colorful) track with the lovely DP. While I am not fond of the Shilpa Shetty-style "low-rise" draping of the sari, DP does look fantastic. Her makeup is veering dangerously close to two-tone, pancake territory (note to her makeup artist: don'…