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This is the first part of a three part series featuring Bollywood leading ladies who made appearances at the Cannes Film Festival. First up, naturally, is La Rai who was a veritable whirlwind at Cannes making so many appearances she made my head spin. Overall, I enjoyed her selection of gowns - each one markedly different from the others in style and color, but all of them quite flattering. Even her more casual daytime looks were spot on in terms of nailing the breezy vibe of Cannes. My only gripe was her massive beehive hair at the Robin Hood premiere ... seriously, what was up with that?!Also, at the the Raavan photocall, La Rai was effortlessly chic in black with lovely tousled waves. However, I take issue with her accessorizing: namely in her arm candy, hubbie Abhi. Why she let him step out in a too-snug, semi-cropped red leather jacket and bloody too-short denims, is beyond me. Horrendous.
She did rectify this gaffe in a subsequent outing with AB Jr. fitted in a classy tux! Photo…

Fugtacular Fug

The Kimmaya Entertainment film screening was chock full of all manner of fugliness. Let's start with Tulip Joshi who showed up in some sort of bizarre acetate material that was poured or painted on her. Seriously, she looks like a prune flavored fruit-freakin'-rollup. Oh, and p.s., yes, she is in fact wearing '80s style opaque, not-quite-nude tights. Yikes.Next up, Sakshi Pradhan looks terribly uncomfortable. Her cheapo spandex top creates the unflattering phenomenon known as uniboob. With her getup she looks more like a clueless 18 year old hitting the clubs than a celeb attending an event.Lastly, we have Esha Goswami. Listen, Esha. When wearing white, you want to be sure to wear nude and not white (or black) undergarments - for obvious reasons; particularly when you know you are going to be photographed as the camera's flash will show things that are better left unseen!Photos: bollywood hungama

That's a Wrap

Looks like the ubiquitous wrap dress is quite popular among Bollywood's leading ladies. I love the color and pattern of the dress worn by Lara D at an IIFA press conference, but I think a touch longer hemline would streamline her shape. While the nude sandal was dead on so as not to compete with the print of Lara's dress, I am not a fan of her clunky platforms. Deepika's wrap dress at the House Full promotional event was plain ol' boring IMHO as were the uninspired black pumps. So very drab.Photos: AP, Getty


Check out Saifu at the Wynncom press conference in Mumbai. Ok, note to Saif: shoulder-grazing hair, out-of-control facial hair, and those glasses = overkill. It's all too much. Too much, I say!Photo: getty

I'm Back, Lovelies!

Dear World (or any readers still interested in my two cents),

I sincerely apologize for falling off the face of this earth. I have since returned to civilization and I promise to try my hardest to continue blogging regularly. I do hope some of you may have missed the time-pass that my blog may have provided, as I have most certainly missed you all! Here's to renewed snarkiness and general tomfoolery! It's good to be back!