Friday, January 22, 2010

The Family that Poses for Papparazi Together, Stays Together?

I assume this is the point the Bachchan clan is trying to prove as they group pose relentlessly at event after event. Check 'em out at the Apsara Awards where by some miracle, it's Abhi baby and not wifey dearest who looks chic. La Rai's salwaar suit is pretty - yawn - boring. I gotta say, I'm digging Jaya B's sari. The trio was back at it at the Star Screen Awards. La Rai looks slightly bemused. Why she decided to trot out that awful blingtastic sari after its last outing, is beyond me. Her closet must be enormous! If she had to x2 something, couldn't she have picked one of her good outfits? Baby B was back at it in his velvet blazer. Ugh. Even Mama B was a teensy bit too hot pink IMHO. I do like the print of the sari. The color is a tad overwhelming though. Photos: reuters

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