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The Family that Poses for Papparazi Together, Stays Together?

I assume this is the point the Bachchan clan is trying to prove as they group pose relentlessly at event after event. Check 'em out at the Apsara Awards where by some miracle, it's Abhi baby and not wifey dearest who looks chic. La Rai's salwaar suit is pretty - yawn - boring. I gotta say, I'm digging Jaya B's sari. The trio was back at it at the Star Screen Awards. La Rai looks slightly bemused. Why she decided to trot out that awful blingtastic sari after its last outing, is beyond me. Her closet must be enormous! If she had to x2 something, couldn't she have picked one of her good outfits? Baby B was back at it in his velvet blazer. Ugh. Even Mama B was a teensy bit too hot pink IMHO. I do like the print of the sari. The color is a tad overwhelming though. Photos: reuters

Double Disaster

Vidya M was a total and complete disaster at the Apsara awards in her bizarre cut-out gown. It's like she decided to take an otherwise completely forgetable gown, and sear it into everyone's minds by taking a pair of scissors and having at it. Just awful. The next night, she attended the Star Screen awards and was - sorry to say it - equally disastrous. This time, rather than MacGyvering her own special brand of red carpet fugliness, she apparently chose to remove the drapes from some pseudo-trendy Mumbai hot spot and use them to drape herself. Nothing about this gown works. I mean nothing! Which begs the question, what is it with this girl and sheer, mesh paneling? Photos: filmicafe

x 2: LBD

Little blue dress, that is. I have to say, I quite like the blue sheath Minissha wore to the Dabboo Ratnani calendar launch. Paired with the silver open-toe booties, it's a pretty edgy choice. Apparently Minissha thought so too as she attended Koena Mitra's birthday bash in the same attire. As you all know, I think celebs should leave the x2-ing to us mere mortals, and should change things up a bit between events. I mean come on, it's their job to be seen. The least that they could do is put in a little effort right? Other than the x2, my only other gripe with this look is that Minissha's been sporting the same ol' tired hair style for ages. Teased hair at the crown? Check. Pinned back bangs? Check. Flat ironed, poker straight locks? Check. Have a sit down with your stylist, Minissha, and demand that they try something new with your hair for a change! Photos: bollywood hungama

New Year, New Look

Methinks Vidya has finally kicked her anarkali habit for good! She ushered in the New Year with a series of public appearances in simply gorge saris. And why not? After all, she is the current muse for Sabyasachi! Take a look at Vids attending the Dabboo Ratnani calendar launch where she evoked a style very similar to that of our lovely Nandita Das. I'm digging the three-quarter blouse length, and you can never go wrong with pure silk! Kudos to Vidya for pairing this sari with a killer bangdi and jhumkas which stayed this side of excessive. Photo: bollywood hungama

Coordinated Couple

I'm not sure if it's an intentional stylistic choice, but Aishwaryashek is one helluva coordinated couple of late. So which look do y'all prefer? The dramatic all black look they sported at the Paa premiere, or the more subdued creme ensembles they wore to the unveiling of Madhushala? Personally, I did like the fact that La Rai opted for bold red lips to up the ante for their all-black look, but I think Abhi reduced the glam quotient with those darn specs. On the other hand, both look sweet and simple yet dignified at the Madhushala event. Photos: bollywood hungama, Reuters