Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Each of these ladies has their own style, and I gotta say, at the Fashion Tribute to Kaifi Azmi, both were stunning knock-outs in bold colors. The ladies in question, La Rai and Twinkle, achieved their knock-out statuses in two totally different styles. Twinkle was a wash of bright, aqua blue in a cut and drape that only she could pull off. She accessorized with a couple of bold, chunky, gold pieces but otherwise let the dress do all the talking. A lesser fashionista would have been overwhelmed by the color and length, but not our Twinks!She's polished and sophisticated as always. Note that she deftly avoided the rookie mistake of matchtastic makeup - there is not a hint of aqua eye shadow in the neutral palette she selected. I'm also digging the understated curls she's rocking. If Twinks said, "Yawn, darlings. I wake up looking this good," I'd believe her!On the other hand, La Rai arrived in a stunning rose pink and gold anarkali-style suit. I cannot say enough about how much I love this particular shade of pink. It's a welcome change from all the pastels and baby pinks we see regularly. Like Twinkle, La Rai kept her accessories to a minimum. Her bejeweled sandals add just the right amount of oomph without distracting from her suit. Her hair is loose and swingy and not overstyled, and the makeup focuses on a light dusting of pink shadow and a rose toned gloss. Simple and perfect! I only wish some of her effortless style would rub off on hubby dearest. He is a top-down disaster in every sense of the word. Those glasses. The velvet blazer. The man jewelry. Ugh. It's like he got dressed in the dark or something. Aishwarya, he's clearly crying out for your help!Photos: Bollywood Hungama

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