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The Paa premiere was eclipsed by the sighting of one trend that needs to go away fast. What would that trend be you ask? Copying AB Sr. that's what. The man staked claim some time ago to the nerdy, black-rimmed specs trend. I've got nothing against this trend per se. I would even venture that it works on AB Sr. I do take issue, however, when it seems like every fella within seeing distance of the Big B, decides to claim the trend for themselves as well. Look no farther than Abhi Baby! Now he's posing alongside dear old Dad and the two of them look like twinnies. Not far behind, Ritesh wants in on the geek chic trend as well. It's all a little much. Photos: Reuters, Bollywood Hungama

Two Peas in a Pod

Departing from her traditional outfit penchant, Rani surprised us all by popping up in a green, satin mini on the set of "Dance Premier League". Normally, the satin mini is totally Piggy Chops territory, so how did Rani fare? IMHO, not so well. Somehow the mini coupled with those awful, clunky heels only serves to shorten her legs. As all short ladies know, the key is to lengthen! Kat finally ditched her adolescent attire and attended an Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani party in a minty fresh mini as well. I think Kat definitely worked this outfit better than Rani, but she too succumbed to a most unfortunate choice of footwear. I'm totally down with the metallic, but in flats?! C'mon, Kat. Sallu baba's not around ... it's ok to rock a pair of mile-high heels!
Photos: Reuters, Getty


Each of these ladies has their own style, and I gotta say, at the Fashion Tribute to Kaifi Azmi, both were stunning knock-outs in bold colors. The ladies in question, La Rai and Twinkle, achieved their knock-out statuses in two totally different styles. Twinkle was a wash of bright, aqua blue in a cut and drape that only she could pull off. She accessorized with a couple of bold, chunky, gold pieces but otherwise let the dress do all the talking. A lesser fashionista would have been overwhelmed by the color and length, but not our Twinks!She's polished and sophisticated as always. Note that she deftly avoided the rookie mistake of matchtastic makeup - there is not a hint of aqua eye shadow in the neutral palette she selected. I'm also digging the understated curls she's rocking. If Twinks said, "Yawn, darlings. I wake up looking this good," I'd believe her!On the other hand, La Rai arrived in a stunning rose pink and gold anarkali-style suit. I cannot say eno…

The Difference is Like Night and Day

They're only one of B-town's most talked about couples. Saifu and lady love Bebo manage to create a stir just about anywhere they go. So it baffles me that they would attend actual promotional events dressed as shabbily as both were while attending the Hungama Digital press meet for their film Kurbaan. Kareena's got her baby tee a la Katrina paired with regular ol' denims and sneakers. Perhaps she needs a refresher on the Rule? The only positive for her look is that her hair is as usual fabulous, and her makeup is fresh and radiant. She is glowing, don't ya think? Saifu, with his leather man-accessories, vest and boot cuts denims along with that godawaful bandana looks more like he's about to hop on his Harley and bike away than promote a film. Well talk about pulling a 180. The power couple attended another press meet for Kurbaan in Delhi, and their attire couldn't have been better! Classic, black sherwani for Saifu (I lowe it!), and a beautiful peach an…