Saturday, November 14, 2009

AmBo All Over the Place!

I know I tend to approach AmBo with what might be considered an overly critical eye. Last time AmBo struck So You Think You Can Dance I was fairly disappointed in Nakul Mahajan's fusion choreography for the dancers who performed to (what else?) Jai Ho. This season, Mahajan has me changing my tune! I have to say, I agree with the judges - I think he actually nailed the blending of western and Bollywood styles without losing either of the styles in the process. With the Jai Ho number, I felt he lost the fluidity and grace of Bollywood and also watered down the technical aspects of western in his attempted fusion of the two. So, I approached this latest attempt with a healthy dose of skepticism. Take a look for yourselves, but I found this piece to be thoroughly enjoyable - it showcases what makes Bolly, Bolly but also highlights the dancers superior technique and movement control. The dancers dance to Azeem O Shaan Shahenshah from Jodhaa Akbar which itself is a very interesting musical selection. Also, costuming is way better this go around! See for yourselves: SYTYCD isn't the only place AmBo is cropping up these days. A certain skating aficionado I know will appreciate this. Shout out: MK! An American ice dancing duo won a recent competition where they skated to a medley of songs including BAB's Kajra Re and a couple of Devdas hits. Now I don't really know how you can choreograph Bolly on ice, but have a dekho!

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