Friday, October 30, 2009

You Be The Judge: Teal Edition.

Speaking of vibrant colors, check out Bips and Minissha Lamba at a news channel launch at the ITC Grand Maratha. Two teal chudidaars each done a little differently. I think Bips' version packs a punch and her styling is spot on. Minissha looks very schoolgirlish with the cut of the kurta and the way she's wearing the odhni. On the other hand, the flowy nature of Bipasha's kurta with its empire waist contrasts well with the tight chudidaars and presents a classy yet sexy silhouette. I love the graceful way she's draped her odhni. Plus, Bipasha mercifully paired a neutral sandal with her's unlike Minissha who made a major blunder by trying hard to match her heels but ultimately ending up a shade off. The only thing I'd change about Bips' outfit would be to swap in a sweetheart neckline. So that's my 2 paisa. What about you? Got a fave? Photos: Getty Images.

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Apple said...

I agree - think Minissha's shoes are hideous..