Friday, October 30, 2009

Mama Knows Best.

Growing up with such a fashionable mum, you'd think at least a tiny bit of styling sense would have rubbed off on Soha. From these pics at the MAMI festival, you can plainly see that it did not. While mummy dearest looks every bit the polished diva in an autumnal sari and understated jewelry, Soha opted for a lousy red halter top (get a bloody strapless bra, already!), cheap-o plastic necklace, and a flippin' sarong (or a really hideous skirt) with what appears to be some kind of awful animal print tote. Gah.What a disappointment.Photo: Filmicafe.


Veda Murthy said...

u have my vote for indi poll! nice entertaining blog!


desipolitan said...

Thanks so much, Veda!