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Happy Halloween, everyone! Here's a spooky pic for you. It's Amisha at Sumeen Singh and Gurpal Chawla's wedding. Although she was a guest at the wedding, it appears that she was also teaching a course on How to Look Completely Inappropriate in a Sari. I mean really. You have to try pretty damn hard to look this godawful in a sari. I will just state for the upteenth time, that I hate this skanky style of sari draping. No two ways about it.Photo: Desimartini.

Mama Knows Best.

Growing up with such a fashionable mum, you'd think at least a tiny bit of styling sense would have rubbed off on Soha. From these pics at the MAMI festival, you can plainly see that it did not. While mummy dearest looks every bit the polished diva in an autumnal sari and understated jewelry, Soha opted for a lousy red halter top (get a bloody strapless bra, already!), cheap-o plastic necklace, and a flippin' sarong (or a really hideous skirt) with what appears to be some kind of awful animal print tote. Gah.What a disappointment.Photo: Filmicafe.

Nicely Done.

Kudos to Bebo for putting together a fresh and effortless look at a promo event for Kurbaan. Let's start off with her luscious locks. Thanggod she's ditched the two-tone, over-processed, so-straight-it's-flat hair of Kambakkht Ishq and upgraded with lightly curled layers with volume, shine and strategic highlights. I think the darker hair really suits her. But then again, I guess anything would be a step up from nearly orange hair color!The long length of her kurti with its colorful mirror work creates a long and lean silhouette. The traditional embroidery is so very Shabana! Photo: Bollywood Hungama.

You Be The Judge: Teal Edition.

Speaking of vibrant colors, check out Bips and Minissha Lamba at a news channel launch at the ITC Grand Maratha. Two teal chudidaars each done a little differently. I think Bips' version packs a punch and her styling is spot on. Minissha looks very schoolgirlish with the cut of the kurta and the way she's wearing the odhni. On the other hand, the flowy nature of Bipasha's kurta with its empire waist contrasts well with the tight chudidaars and presents a classy yet sexy silhouette. I love the graceful way she's draped her odhni. Plus, Bipasha mercifully paired a neutral sandal with her's unlike Minissha who made a major blunder by trying hard to match her heels but ultimately ending up a shade off. The only thing I'd change about Bips' outfit would be to swap in a sweetheart neckline. So that's my 2 paisa. What about you? Got a fave? Photos: Getty Images.


This jewel tone blouse is certainly a refreshing change from La Sen's typically black-heavy wardrobe. I'm also loving the plummy eyeshadow she's used - it really accents her look well and makes her eyes subtly pop without veering into matchy-matchy territory as some Bolly starlets are prone to do. Photo: Reuters Pictures.

A Closer Look.

Thanks to Aarti for alerting me to a glitch! Apparently, clicking on the photos in my previous posts did not result in an enlarged image opening up in a new window. I think I've corrected this problem and the images used in future posts should be enlargeable by clicking on them.



Update: I've added a couple of new pics so y'all can drool over 'em. Take a look at that dramatic necklace!
Check out La Sen on the catwalk for Vikram Phadnis at LFW (is it that time of the year already?). I. Adore. This. Lehnga. The gold tones are nicely complemented by the vibrant peacock. Not at all OTT or excessively gaudy in my opinion. Now excuse me while I continue to swoon over this creation. Photo: Getty Images.

Peachy Keen.

A dab of blush starting at the apples of the cheeks and moving outward truly illuminates Dia's already lovely complexion. It's a simple add-on that will really kick any look up a notch. Here's a blush recommendation for blush novices: Nars Orgasm. It looks super bright in the pan, but trust me, it's a must-have in any makeup collection. It's flattering on all complexions. But a little goes a long way, so use a fluffy blush brush and apply with a light hand. You can always layer on more to up the drama factor. A dusting of this stuff will give you a Dia-like glow! Photo: Getty Images.

Dynamite or Disastrous Duos?

The GQ Men of the Year 2009 awards show provided ample opportunity for a celeb spotting snarkfest (love it!). Let's get right to it then. First up, Lara D was pretty in pink in a floor length number. She kept her hair, makeup and accessories on the subtle side which was a smart move given the in-your-face color of her gown. Kudos, LD. Meanwhile, Abhay Deol was a top down disaster. He looked nice enough on top, but he was a downright disaster on the bottom. Next up, Saifu and lady love, Bebo. Again with those blasted glasses, Saif should leave the sleek hair looks to the ladies. He totally ruined his overall appearance with that way too greasy hair do. Bebo looked quite fetching. Again, same rule as LD: flashy dress paired with subtle everything else. I'm still looking for a full length pic of her dress. Finally, TMFCITW: Aishwaryashek. Abhi baby needs to get a clue or at least wifey dearest needs to stage an intervention for him. Man cleavage accentuated with man jewelry plus a …


I need a pair of shades for this one! News flash: massive sequin shortage hits Mumbai in the aftermath of Maheka Mirpuri's recent show. For more on why, see image below: Photo: Reuters Pictures.


Near-twinnies Saifu and Deepika attended a promotional event for Love Aaj Kal in Mumbai. Minus the shades inexplicably worn indoors, Saifu's look is a-ok. DP's look on the other hand, not so much. Not only does she look totally bland, but with her fab-u height, the length of her denims is just a total miss. They're too long to be truly "cropped" so they wind up looking like she shrunk 'em in the wash. Another laundry laafda? Photo: Getty Images.

Mullet ≠ Sexy.

Seriously? This guy has made some highly questionable coiffure choices of late, but his appearance at a Provogue promotional event was downright scary! I think this latest one really might be a sign of that Mr. Roshan should sack his stylist and soon! What is he going for exactly? Pageboy meets redneck? All I do know is that he is treading dangerously close to mulletville, and I don't care how sexy he may be, a mullet is universally fugly! Photo: Getty Images.

A Thousand Pardons.

Hello, darlings!
I have not in fact fallen off the face of this earth. Nor have I forgotten about all of you! I am actively in the process of resuming regular posts, though maybe not at the same frequency as before.
Hope you'll bear with me as I try to creatively juggle some responsibilities. As always, I look forward to hearing from you lovelies!
xox d