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Unless it's connected with a role he's currently filming (maybe Kites?), Hrithik's look at the Rajiv Gandhi awards is puzzling. Methinks he needs to tame those tresses and how! A full beard and that tangled mess of hair is just too much. Perhaps he should take a hint from Shahid? Clean cut is never out of style. While the mountain man look is just plain wacky. Photo: AP Photo.

Caption This.

Hopefully this brings a little cheer to your Monday a.m. Check out this snap of Sallu and Aftab on Das Ka Dum. If this isn't just begging for a "Cap This," I don't know what is! Here's my contribution:
Sallu: Oh. Em. Gee. I found a white hair! Aftab: Come on, yaar. It's not like it's your first.
Photo: Reuters Pictures.


That's the sound of the air letting out of my Dil Bole Hadippa excitement balloon. At a press conference for the film, Shahid was über boring with his tired old sneaks and worn tee. Come on, you're only the star of this super hyped film. On the plus, I can't say enough how much the new cut is a vast improvement over the old shaggy one. As for Rani, the wild, geometric print of her maxi combined with the OTT embellishments, is totally overwhelming on her petite frame. Add to that mix, flat hair and bland makeup, and you have a decidedly underwhelming look ... particularly when juxtaposed to her fiesty DBH alter ego. What say? Photo: Reuters Pictures.

You Be The Judge: Frock Fetish.

At the success party for Life Partner in Mumbai, old man Govinda (borrowing a page from Sallu's look book, it seems), posed with a trio of young starlets ... oh yeah, and Tusshar too. Whose dress (if any) struck your fancy: Amrita's, Genelia's or Prachi's? Photo: Reuters Pictures.

Filmi Forecast: Rani Returns!

When I first read press releases touting Rani's much anticipated reemergence in Tinseltown, I dug up the film's poster, and looked at it quizzically. "There's Shahid," I thought, "but where is Rani, and why does this new guy get priority on the poster over her?" Turns out, that new guy is Rani! I'm sensing a rambling, musical, comedic tour de force here ... much in the same vein as Bunty Aur Babli. From what I can tell, Rani's salwaar suits in Dil Bole Hadippa are every bit as kicky and fashionable as those oh-so-trendy patiala numbers she sported in BAB. Can't wait, yaar!