Monday, August 3, 2009

This Job's a Cinch!

Seriously. Vidya's tailor has got to have the world's easiest job! He's got a basic template which we all know by heart by now: full-sleeved anarkali. By simply swapping in ruby red and contrasting chudidaar/dupatta, her tailor's created a noticeable change from her usual monochromatic looks. Now if only Vid would opt for a non-anarkali style for a change. This girl's singlehandedly wearing out that trend. Pun intended!


memsaabstory said...

But she looks SO GOOD in them! I would just look like a pregnant cow. Sigh.

Apple said...


I am wondering if she has a weight problem or she is totally convinced that other outfits/styles might make her look fat.. I am not sure why she would just stick to this style and not try out anything.

The anarkalis definitely hide all the flaws and adds the height as well!

desipolitan said...

Memsaab, you are right: no doubt Vidya looks lovely in this style. I am sure you'd look great too! :) I just wish she'd get out of this rut and explore other options too. I've a feeling she'd look great in just about anything.

Apple, it does make me wonder ... As you point out, the anarkali style truly is universally flattering.