Friday, August 14, 2009

Reality Bites.

TV, that is. Remember when we last talked about the "original bachelorette" (kickin' in it Ramayan style) swayamvar concept show starring the one and only Rakhi Sawant? Well it really did play out on TV ... I guess thsoe producers didn't come to their senses. Rakhi chose Canadian contestant Elesh Parujanwala in the not-at-all-staged finale which also served as their sagaii. Rakhi wore a heavily embroidered Neeta Lulla lehnga and jewels by Farah Khan.
It looks like Rakhi was trying hard to emulate La Rai by choosing her favorite designer and similar-looking jewelry.
If she was trying to copy La Rai, she's way off the mark. Though weighed down in gold and heavy silks, Aish radiated elegance at her wedding. Rakhi just looks like a wannabe that didn't quite make it. Or maybe, even if you weren't a huge fan of La Rai's wedding ensembles, you can't help but notice how beautiful and happy she looked. Rakhi on the other hand, isn't a good enough acctress to convince anyone that she's truly happy with this jodi. What say?


Apple said...

I saw the first show of the swayamwar (just out of curiosity) when they were introducing the contestants. The chosen guy is really sweet, has an accented hindi and looks very genuine.
My biggest fear is that if all this was made up and Rakhi doesnt move ahead to get married to this guy, he will be very sad. I guess he took lot of efforts to be on this show and I dont see Rakhi moving her base to Canada anytime soon. That being said, who ever thought of this idea was quite a brilliant guy as he definetly got a lot of attention and TRPs.. ok I think i have said too much, time to get back to work.
Thanks Desipolitan, I feel much lighter now after writing this post. :) :)

desipolitan said...

haha, no problem, Apple! Happy to help. I agree with you ... I think the whole thing might be a scam. The latest word is that Ms. Sawant is now criticizing him on TV for supposedly not being forthcoming about his personal wealth. "I ain't sayin' she's a gold digger ...."

Aarti said...

yea i heard that she's not answering his calls/smses.. her assistant has even taken to answering his smses on her behalf.. Seems that elesh wasn't as wealthy as she thought. He was sharing a flat with a roommate and living off vada pav. lol. Sheesh... that guy seems such a sweetheart tho!

But seriously tho, the whole thing seems so staged that it actually hurts to watch.. i practically fast forwarded through the whole finale just to see how she actually chooses elesh. jeez.. a sagaii in front of people i'm sure she didnt even know? :x And i feel so bad for the two other contestants and their families... aww :(

TheKeyBunch said...

I watched the show just fr fun, srsly it was better than any saas bahu serial.