Monday, July 20, 2009

Spotlight: Manju Jasty.

Jewelry designer, Manju Jasty made a desippearance in the March edition of Vogue. An alum of NYU's b-school, she stepped off the garden path (so to speak) after ten years of working as an i-banker. I found that little tid bit enormously uplifting - it's never too late to do something you love! She now designs oranate pieces inspired by "the architecture of Indian palaces and the elaborate textiles for which the subcontinent is known." In addition to the delicate shapes and high quality elements she uses, I like the fact that she's also incorporating desi methods of jewelry design such as meenakari. Jasty's pieces are certainly investment items! Hmmm. Perhaps when the economy improves ... I'd rather invest in jewelry any day over stocks! Who's with me?
For more on this talented artist, check out Business Exchange.

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