Saturday, July 11, 2009

Shine On.

This post (and others like it) has been a long time coming! But I promise, dear readers, that I will be more forthcoming with my beauty-related posts! On that note, let me tell you about my on-going quest to matte-ify my oil slick of a face. I happened upon Cargo blu-ray High Definition mattifier at my local Sephora. The product claims to "refine pores, minimize lines, control the look of oil and shine" (one guess as to which of those 3 claims caught my attention), and retailed at $24 for a 0.94 oz. tube.To alleviate my state of blotting my face every 3 hours on the dot, I thought I'd give this product a try. The gel is tan in color in the tube, but goes on colorless with a powdery texture. You don't have to worry about over applying as excess product will rub right off. I noticed right away that this mattifier works pretty well as a foundation or makeup primer. Other than that, I'm sorry to report that it didn't do a whole lot in terms of keeping my greasies at bay. I found myself blotting away a few hours after I applied the product. On the flipside, my slick sisters, we should rejoice as my dermie tells me we'll be less prone to wrinkles later in life. Yay! As for mattifiers, my search continues ....

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