Thursday, July 9, 2009


Things aren't always cynical and snarky here at Desipolitan. I like to applaud our fillum stars when they use their fame and clout to support something other than their bank accounts. To that end, here's a big "shabash!" to La Rai for her work with the launch of the Beautiful Beginnings Center, a joint venture of L'Oreal India and the Aide et Action NGO, aimed at providing free training in beauty services to underprivileged women. Before you scoff, "what good are makeup techniques when these people are struggling to eat?", let me tell you. The center is intended to help these women pursue careers in the beauty industry as makeup artists, hair stylists and aestheticians. Obviously the demand for such services is booming in the Desh. La Rai isn't the only do-gooder to be found in Bollywood these days. Another "shabash" goes to John Abraham for his work in support of Habitat for Humanity. Two mega-stars helping two worthy causes. Bravo! Kudos to both.Photo Source.

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