Friday, July 17, 2009

Shaadi Shenanigans.

You didn't think peak wedding season was over yet did ya? Apurve and Priyanka Agarwal were married in style at a glittery fête in Delhi. Let's take a look at some of the stars in attendance. First up, Aditi Govitrikar. This beautiful, former model fell into the increasingly all too common desi wedding guest trap of too much skin show. Your tailor may stitch you any kind of blouse you ask for (though I maintain they should unite and oppose strapless styles), but this doesn't mean that you wear said blouse to a wedding reception. It's still a formal affair after all (Note: I'm not actually such a prude that I oppose all halter-style blouses on principle. I'm just against the super skimpy ones like Aditi's. Hell, at first glance, you might think her blouse was a swimsuit top). Just when you thought she couldn't make it worse, wot's this? She's got her tat on display too. Classy. Beside her, Tulip Joshi's upholstery-inspired suit is merely a run-of-the-mill lapse in taste and not a lapse in propriety at least. Still, by Tulip's standards, this is an improvement over her last wedding outfit!
Thanggod for Bips! She looks positively angelic! I love the rosy pink hue of her sari with the silver border accent. And while Bips is also wearing a halter-style blouse, she's kept it classy by the way she's holding her pallu. I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a giant tattoo on display either. I'm glad to see she's opted for fun curls rather than her standard pin straight or mermaid extensions.
Photo Credit: BCCL/Ranjit Kumar.

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