Friday, July 17, 2009


This girl is without a doubt the most relentless PR machine. She managed to turn an invite to the Twitter HQ in San Franscisco into an all out Mallika Sherawat lovefest complete with her arrival in a stretch limo (no less) and frenzied fan adulation. I can't be sure if the boyz at Twitter were cheering her as fans of her work, or as fans of her snug sweater dress. *Raises eyebrow*. In any case, it looks like she had a grand old time with the Twitterers. I guess I can't really fault her for the self promotion ... after all, such is the nature of the biz, na? Unlike the whole milkshake thing, this one seems like an ingenious way to promote her film Hisss (which I can promise you I will most certainly not be reviewing here). Think about it. If you have a screening for say 300 Twitter employees, and if the film is well received (admittedly, this might be a big "if"), well then that's 300 or so positive tweets right there. All that PR for next to nothing.

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