Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rare Miss.

While her other recent outing was a tad on the matchy side, I still concede that she looked polished. Given our impossibly high standards for Sri, she's bound to slip up every once in a while, but it happens so rarely that it's a bit jarring when it does occur. At the Kambakkht Ishq success party, Sridevi's shiny, purple tunic was ok, but paired with the matching satin Dior "Charming" hobo and (too-close in color to be contrasting) indigo pants ... well, it's all a bit much! While her fashion choices were a bit of a mishmash, I continue to admire her always flawless hair and makeup. Her skin is so effortless and glowy. She must be blessed with naturally youthful skin plus a phenomenal makeup artist. So that's the next item on my impossible wish list: Kareena's wind machine, followed by Sri's makeup artist. The order on that is negotiable.Photo Source.

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