Friday, July 17, 2009

Kajal Quest: MAC Technakohl.

A thousand pardons for the delay, but finally, here's the latest in my mission to locate the perfect inner rim eye liner. I did my homework before heading to the MAC counter, and chatted online with a makeup artist via the MAC website. She informed me that the only MAC eye liner suitable for the inner rim of the eye, was Technakohl. The web site touts the "long wear" and "non-smudge finish" of this eye liner. Plus, it comes in the form of a mechanical pencil so no sharpening! Always a plus. Technakohl retails for $14.50. I've had pretty good experiences with other MAC products so I figured, what the heck. Let's give this a try. As you know, I'm interested in a dark black pigmentation, so as per the web site, these two were worth trying:When I arrived at the makeup counter, let me just begin by saying that these two colors are not nearly as close as they appear online. Hell, online, I can't honestly tell the difference although the site describes "Photogravure" as "soft black with brown undertone." It's really more of a medium-to-dark brown. Anyway, I purchased both the "Graphblack" and the "Photogravure" figuring I'd use the "Photogravure" when I only wanted subtle definition. I tried both out as soon as I got home. The color was certainly richer and darker than what the Tarte had delivered. No doubt about it. However, it was still signficantly less pigmented than the Stila Kajal. The Technakohl did survive a sweaty workout without smudging all over the place. I was pretty impressed by its staying power. Now if only the pigmentation was darker! And so, the quest continues!

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