Sunday, July 26, 2009

_____ Got Talent.

Imran Khan was smokin' hot at India's Got Talent where he and co-star Shruti Hassan promoted their film Luck. The guy's got his act together in a sharp, black suit, accented with a crisp button down with black buttons. Shruti, on the other hand, left much to be desired with her fashion choice for the event. It was so ... how do you say ... boring. A loose-fitting, tablecloth-like, shirt dress? Really? With the cute shoes and rock star cuff she's got on, I had hoped for something edgier. Perhaps next time.
Photo: Reuters Pictures.
Meanwhile, on this side of the pond, check out the desi flava on America's Got Talent (thanks, Manish!). Yes, it's a performance to "Jai Ho" and yes, the Slumdog craze is still going strong in the States. It was a pleasure to catch a desippearance on NBC. I still get thrilled whenever it happens! And admittedly, thanks to the powers of Slumdog, it seems to be happening more often! Anyway, back to the dance performance: I thought the movement was crisp and synchronized, but the choreography was totally uninspired. I know this is intended to be the Bollywood genre of dance, but c'mon guys. Give Farah Khan, et all credit - their choreography is usually amazing.


Aarti said...

oooh boy, *fans herself* Imran looks spiffy in that suit! love!

desipolitan said...

Tee hee. My sentiments exactly!