Monday, July 20, 2009

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Soha Ali Khan is pursuing an opportunity on the telly as host of Godrej's Khelo Jeeto Jiyo game show. It's been touted as a lifestyle reality show and has been heavily promoted in the Desh. They've already filmed a few episodes, so let's have a look.

The good: Soha is charming in this black and white chudidaar kurta combo. Importantly, the kurta is fitted and the appropriate length. See how tall it makes her appear? Since the kurta is heavily embellished, Soha's accessories are kept to a minimum. The peep toe heels lend the ensemble polish. The slightly asymetrical hemline is an interesting touch. No complaints here! She looks tv-worthy.
The bad: First up, the outfit on the left totally overwhelms Soha with fabric. Hell, with a pair of patent leather boots, a white ruffle collar shirt and a parasol, she'd be ready to start to singing "A Spoon Full of Sugar" as Mary Poppins. With the center outfit, the stylist has got the length right for Soha. The top certainly fits appropriately, but it's rather boring. The baggy, black pants that taper at the ankles are not flattering and are not at all suitable for a tv show host. They're hardly suitable for anyone really. The last outfit was pretty close to working. As demonstrated above, Soha looks fab-u in chudidaars. I like the bright orange color on this one, and the accordian panels are a fun touch. I do not, however, like the sequined gold top combined with the beigeness. Pick one: either you have the bright panels or the sequins on top, but please, not both! It's too gimmicky.
The ugly: What the hell is this monstrosity?!? I am grasping the fact that the show's stylist wanted Soha to step away from her prefered neutrals and earth tones, so kudos to him or her for attempting to liven things up with a dose of color. The look might even have been passable if the lavender frock had been hemmed higher for Soha's petite frame and minus some of the ruching detail (is "over-ruching" a word?). However, those awful American Apparel-type shiny silver leggings are h-to-the-ideous! The only place those leggings belong, is on a mannequin in the storefront of AA or at the Winter Olympics.
Conclusion? I have not seen a single episode of KJJ, but I can tell you one thing: they need to sack the show's stylist pronto! 1-4 is a miserable fashion track record.
Photos: BCCL.

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