Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All the Single Ladies*

*Ok, the title is misleading. As of press time, Shilpa is not single, and is in fact engaged, but I couldn't resist.
Photo: Reuters Pictures
These lovely ladies attended Shilpa's Iosis Medispa launch. This fact is relevant because it appears that Sush got a massage and then forgot to button up her blouse as she hurried out to meet the photogs. She ruined an otherwise classy and put-together look by inexplicably missing several buttons on her shirt. No idea why. But, she is her usual bubbly self, and that smile of her's goes a ways in compensating for what would have done much better worn as a jacket over something.
Photo: BCCL/Prathamesh Bandekar.
I'm not totally nuts for Shilpa's look, but I must concede that it works for her. As for Madam Re, well it's certainly intersting seeing her out and about in less than 6 yards of silk. However, I must point out that she has donned a full-sleeve, black trench ... in July ... in Mumbai. She has got to be burning up in there!
Photo: Reuters Pictures.
As ready as sister Shilpa looks for a night out on the town, sister Shamita's buttoned up blue blazer is not working at all. Blazers on chicks can definitely be cute, but the way she's wearing it (i.e. fully buttoned, and covering up what I hope might be a feminine cami), it looks like she raided AB Sr.'s closet. If I bought this particular blazer, I think I'd have my tailor swap out the boring, matchy blue buttons for antique buttons. Plus, with such a deep blue top, pairing it with light rinse denims was another mistake. Accessory-wise, while Shilpa's an admitted LV fanatic, it seems like Shamita's a Gucci girl.
Photo: BCCL/Prathamesh Bandekar.

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