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Class Act.

Celina was looking very chic in a black chiffon sari at a press conference for Murder on the Hill Road in Mumbai. I love that zig-zag bangle she's sporting, but since it's a statement piece and naturally draws the eye, I wish she'd lay off the rings. I've got no major quibbles with her hair and makeup ... other than those darn lenses! Photo: Reuters Pictures.

From Bad to Worse.

I gotta tell you, after Deepika's last disappointing appearance, I was sincerely hoping that the whole "coed chilling on campus" look was but a temporary lapse in judgment. Lo and behold, Deepika went and proved me wrong. At the latest promotional event for her film, Love Aaj Kal, DP kept the tired old tank and jeans look, with the added bonus that her acid-wash denims are now fully tattered. So let's recap. She traded in too-cas denim capris, for shredding jeans? C'mon, girl. You're not running errands. You're promoting your own film. Show some pride! Photo: Reuters Pictures.

Fugtacular Fug.

Thanks to Apple for this tip-off! Let's all say it together now, "WTF?!". All signs indicate that these two are in Jaipur for promotional events in connection with Saifu's film Love Aaj Kal. Plus, I saw airport signs in some of the pictures, so it is clear to me that Bebo's neither going to nor coming from a workout at her gym. Ergo, her attire is shamelessly awful. I mean, what is she dressed to do here? Certainly not to promote her bf's film. With her shiny silver sneaks, she looks about ready to run laps around the airport. Now, as you know, I fully support celebs and regular folk dressing for comfort whilst travelling or running errands. But this ... this is crossing all kinds of lines. La Rai in a Juicy track suit at the Mumbai airport = totally acceptable. Bebo's baby tee and super tight leggings combo is just heinous when it's not in the vicinity of a gym. Girl's even got camel toe going on for God's sake. Clearly, Bebo has not heard of …

Cover Story: Piggy-Shahid.

Shahid and Piggy Chops strike a sultry pose on the cover of this month's CineBlitz. She (or rather the shoot's stylist) appears to be inspired by Daisy Duke; although, as I recall, true homage would require a pair of braids, shorter and darker denim, and some kind of gingham-plaid top knotted up to there. What? Don't judge me. The Duke's remake with Stiffler was on late last night. As for Shahid, well I've got to say: I'm loving his new close cropped cut! I never cared for him before with the long, shaggy hair, but what a difference a proper cut makes.

Bebo for Gitanjali.

Gitanjali recently declared Bebo their spokeswoman for their "Parineeta" brand. This move adds a strong dose of Bollywood to the jewelry house as Kat is the face of their other line, "Nakshatra". Bebo attended the event announcing her new gig in - take a wild guess - a Manish Malhotra sari. The peach-creme combo looks fab on Bebo. Photo: Reuters Pictures.

Hair & Makeup Tips Featuring Ms. Pinto.

Fabulous Freida continues to pop up in fashion mags. And why not? She's a lovely girl! She made a desippearance in Glamour's May issue in a section that's all about how to get to-there lashes. She also desippeared in InStyle's Hair issue which featured her oft-changing hair part - it really is a simple way to liven up your hair style! Check it out, chicas!

All the Single Ladies*

*Ok, the title is misleading. As of press time, Shilpa is not single, and is in fact engaged, but I couldn't resist. Photo: Reuters Pictures These lovely ladies attended Shilpa's Iosis Medispa launch. This fact is relevant because it appears that Sush got a massage and then forgot to button up her blouse as she hurried out to meet the photogs. She ruined an otherwise classy and put-together look by inexplicably missing several buttons on her shirt. No idea why. But, she is her usual bubbly self, and that smile of her's goes a ways in compensating for what would have done much better worn as a jacket over something. Photo: BCCL/Prathamesh Bandekar. I'm not totally nuts for Shilpa's look, but I must concede that it works for her. As for Madam Re, well it's certainly intersting seeing her out and about in less than 6 yards of silk. However, I must point out that she has donned a full-sleeve, black trench ... in July ... in Mumbai. She has got to be burning up in ther…

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

The Daily Mail reports that blissed out, multi-millionaire couple, Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra are set to wed in October of this year. In preparation for the nuptials, they've graciously thrown open the doors for their luxury digs in the UK. Check out the interiors of this £5 million, 7 bedroom manse located in the exclusive St. George's Hill estate in Weybridge, Surrey. Have a dekho, kids!With all that cash, I'd have thought this place would be pretty damn sweet inside. I gotta say, I'm not loving the décor at all! It's got a kitschy, '70s vibe...all that's missing is some pea green shag carpeting. Bleh. Personally, I think she could use some decorating lessons from Padma!

Bangalore Fashion Week?

Now, Lakmé Fashion Week we've all heard of, and Calcutta Fashion Week has been on my radar, but Bangalore? Well that's news to me. It bodes well for us though because BFW should produce lots for us to oooh and aaaah. Let's kick things off with Koena Mitra walking for Priyanka Thakur. Personally, this one's a rather ho-hum lehnga. Nothing jumps out as distinguishing this one from your run-of-the-mill bridal lehngas. Yawn. And poor girl had to hike up the lehnga on the runway as they apparently (as usual) tailored the thing for amazonian proportions which are hard to find in the Desh. Photo: AP Photo

_____ Got Talent.

Imran Khan was smokin' hot at India's Got Talent where he and co-star Shruti Hassan promoted their film Luck. The guy's got his act together in a sharp, black suit, accented with a crisp button down with black buttons. Shruti, on the other hand, left much to be desired with her fashion choice for the event. It was so ... how do you say ... boring. A loose-fitting, tablecloth-like, shirt dress? Really? With the cute shoes and rock star cuff she's got on, I had hoped for something edgier. Perhaps next time. Photo: Reuters Pictures. Meanwhile, on this side of the pond, check out the desi flava on America's Got Talent (thanks, Manish!). Yes, it's a performance to "Jai Ho" and yes, the Slumdog craze is still going strong in the States. It was a pleasure to catch a desippearance on NBC. I still get thrilled whenever it happens! And admittedly, thanks to the powers of Slumdog, it seems to be happening more often! Anyway, back to the dance performance: I though…

Peroxide Overload.

Fashion-wise, this lovely girl is always completely polished. Who is she? She's none other than Rishi and Neetu's daughter, Riddhima Kapoor. Her's is a natural beauty which doesn't require much in the way of makeup to prove it. She keeps her makeup look effortless and chic at the Vadhera art gallery exhibition at DLF Emporio. What's the one thing I'd suggest she change? I think she may have OD'd on the highlights. I would love to see her with deep chestnut locks; I think a glossy, deep color would complement her pale complexion rather nicely. What say? Photo Credit: BCCL/Pushpesh Dhingra.

Change We Can Believe In.

Looks like Vids decided to change things up ... ever so slightly at a Rotary Club event at Tulip Star in Mumbai. She swapped out her usual full-sleeve, scoop neck, white anarkali for a full-sleeve, scoop neck, navy blue anarkali. I do like the deep blue shade, and the odhni really adds a lot of visual appeal by breaking up the sea of blue. It's progress ... Photo: BCCL.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Soha Ali Khan is pursuing an opportunity on the telly as host of Godrej's Khelo Jeeto Jiyo game show. It's been touted as a lifestyle reality show and has been heavily promoted in the Desh. They've already filmed a few episodes, so let's have a look.
The good: Soha is charming in this black and white chudidaar kurta combo. Importantly, the kurta is fitted and the appropriate length. See how tall it makes her appear? Since the kurta is heavily embellished, Soha's accessories are kept to a minimum. The peep toe heels lend the ensemble polish. The slightly asymetrical hemline is an interesting touch. No complaints here! She looks tv-worthy. The bad: First up, the outfit on the left totally overwhelms Soha with fabric. Hell, with a pair of patent leather boots, a white ruffle collar shirt and a parasol, she'd be ready to start to singing "A Spoon Full of Sugar" as Mary Poppins. With the center outfit, the stylist has got the length right for Soha. The top c…

Ahoy, Matey.

Whoever made up the rule that horizontal stripes make one look heavy, clearly had not seen a very prego Tara Sharma in stripes. Remaining active towards the end of her pregnancy, Tara attended Olive Bar and Kitchen's 1st anniversary bash and looked absolutely adorable in her nautical themed dress. I must add that I love the kohlapuri wedges and so wish that I could find a pair. But I digress. Tara looks fabulous and I wish her all the best for a safe delivery!

Spotlight: Manju Jasty.

Jewelry designer, Manju Jasty made a desippearance in the March edition of Vogue. An alum of NYU's b-school, she stepped off the garden path (so to speak) after ten years of working as an i-banker. I found that little tid bit enormously uplifting - it's never too late to do something you love! She now designs oranate pieces inspired by "the architecture of Indian palaces and the elaborate textiles for which the subcontinent is known." In addition to the delicate shapes and high quality elements she uses, I like the fact that she's also incorporating desi methods of jewelry design such as meenakari. Jasty's pieces are certainly investment items! Hmmm. Perhaps when the economy improves ... I'd rather invest in jewelry any day over stocks! Who's with me? For more on this talented artist, check out Business Exchange. Via


Vidya Balan took part in the Green World/I Love Mumbai sapling drive wearing - what else? - a full sleeve, white anarkali. Although this has got to be the biggest style rut of all time, I still must send a big "shabash!" to Vids for supporting such an important environmental cause. If that means recycling one of her numerous anarkalis for the upteenth time, then so be it.

Timeless Beauty.

Madam Re was in attendance at the Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamanna Hai completion party in what has become her signature style statement: gorgeous kanjivaram. She must have quite the collection! This shade of purple looks exquisite on her, and I love the detailing on the blouse. This lady has got class, that's for sure.

TV Fashion Inspiration.

Nishka Lulla, a designer in her own right, and daughter of Neeta Lulla, attended the Vikram Phadnis show at Fuel in an outfit that sent me back in time...and not in a good way, either. Is it just me, or is this a look that Aaaaandrea would totally rock on 90210? Only, I think she'd add a pair of biker shorts just to add that certain "je ne sais quoi". Photo Credit: BCCL/Prathamesh Bandekar.


Ms. Ila Arun attended the Iceplex Ad Film Awards sporting her trademark massive bindi. I think I've grown accustomed to seeing her with these bindis, and I've accepted that this is just her thing. So no more about that here. But, I can't really tell, but there sure seem to be a lot of competing colors and patterns going on here. Oh I see now. I know what happened here. There's a simple explanation. Ms. Arun hastily got dressed during a load shedding episode and well ... it's tough getting ready in the dark isn't it?


As the brand ambassador for J. Hampstead, Piggy Chops attended the launch of a new line of menswear at the National Garment Fair at the Exchange Center in Mumbai. Her slip of a dress was so boring and unoriginal, and the color, so totally bland, that I can find nothing appealing about it. Although, it is a menswear launch, so that might go a ways in explaining the hemline ....AFP Photo.

Kajal Quest: MAC Technakohl.

A thousand pardons for the delay, but finally, here's the latest in my mission to locate the perfect inner rim eye liner. I did my homework before heading to the MAC counter, and chatted online with a makeup artist via the MAC website. She informed me that the only MAC eye liner suitable for the inner rim of the eye, was Technakohl. The web site touts the "long wear" and "non-smudge finish" of this eye liner. Plus, it comes in the form of a mechanical pencil so no sharpening! Always a plus. Technakohl retails for $14.50. I've had pretty good experiences with other MAC products so I figured, what the heck. Let's give this a try. As you know, I'm interested in a dark black pigmentation, so as per the web site, these two were worth trying:When I arrived at the makeup counter, let me just begin by saying that these two colors are not nearly as close as they appear online. Hell, online, I can't honestly tell the difference although the site describes…

Shaadi Shenanigans.

You didn't think peak wedding season was over yet did ya? Apurve and Priyanka Agarwal were married in style at a glittery fête in Delhi. Let's take a look at some of the stars in attendance. First up, Aditi Govitrikar. This beautiful, former model fell into the increasingly all too common desi wedding guest trap of too much skin show. Your tailor may stitch you any kind of blouse you ask for (though I maintain they should unite and oppose strapless styles), but this doesn't mean that you wear said blouse to a wedding reception. It's still a formal affair after all (Note: I'm not actually such a prude that I oppose all halter-style blouses on principle. I'm just against the super skimpy ones like Aditi's. Hell, at first glance, you might think her blouse was a swimsuit top). Just when you thought she couldn't make it worse, wot's this? She's got her tat on display too. Classy. Beside her, Tulip Joshi's upholstery-inspired suit is merely a run…


This girl is without a doubt the most relentless PR machine. She managed to turn an invite to the Twitter HQ in San Franscisco into an all out Mallika Sherawat lovefest complete with her arrival in a stretch limo (no less) and frenzied fan adulation. I can't be sure if the boyz at Twitter were cheering her as fans of her work, or as fans of her snug sweater dress. *Raises eyebrow*. In any case, it looks like she had a grand old time with the Twitterers. I guess I can't really fault her for the self promotion ... after all, such is the nature of the biz, na? Unlike the whole milkshake thing, this one seems like an ingenious way to promote her film Hisss (which I can promise you I will most certainly not be reviewing here). Think about it. If you have a screening for say 300 Twitter employees, and if the film is well received (admittedly, this might be a big "if"), well then that's 300 or so positive tweets right there. All that PR for next to nothing.

Viva la France!

[Albeit a day late]. *Update Below* Looks like the palette for the desi contingent at the Bastille Day celebrations in Paris was a lovely pale gold. Preity Zinta's cream colored halter-style dress with delicate gold embellishments as well as Sonali Rathod's shimmery gold sari were among my favorites. Roop Kumar Rathod's suit is classy as hell. Remember my thoughts on men in formal Indian attire? I like! Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh was guest of honor at the official celebration and the military parade was led by 400 Indian troops. This explains the desi flava at this year's celebration. *Update* While PM Singh was in Paris, these celebs were celebrating at the Taj Mahal hotel in Colaba. PZ is wearing BCBG. Thanks, "bubbles".Photo Source.

Be Kind to Your Skin.

I've recently received several requests for anti-aging products. So, ladies, here it is...drum roll, please. The number one skincare product to combat lines and wrinkles, is sunscreen! That's right. It's not just for days at the beach. I religiously apply sunscreen daily before applying makeup, and certainly before stepping outside my house. The single best way to avoid lines and wrinkles, is to protect your skin from the sun's rays - that means both UVA and UVB rays! My product of choice for the least four years has been Neutrogena Daily Defense SPF 45. I use the untinted version. It's not terribly expensive and it's available in most drugstores. My morning ritual is to apply this cream (bonus: it also moisturizes!) to my face after washing it and before applying any makeup. You should also know that this formula is non-comedogenic, which means it shouldn't cause you to break out. Now I have pretty oily skin, but I have found that this product doesn't …

Fashion Sense: Good and Questionable.

Mandira Bedi attended Vikram Phadnis' fashion event in a look that was very boho chic. She smartly opted for black accessories to permit that bold, psychadelic print (which I'm digging, by the way), to do all the talking. The hemline of her dress is perfect for tall boots. Meanwhile, the designer himself, appears to be all set to board the train to Hogwarts. Unrelated tangent: saw the movie yesterday!!Photo Source.

UFD Sighting.

Update: Thanks to Asma for the identifying this fashion disaster as Ashita Dhawan. That's an "Unidentified Fashion Disaster" and it was sighted at the Star Parivaar Awards. So I leave the floor open to you, dear readers. Who is this lady, and why does she think a Victoria's Secret nightie (complete with mesh paneling) is acceptable as red carpet (or for that matter, public) attire? Anyone?Photo Source.

Cover Story: Sonam-Immie.

Perhaps it's time for Akki and Kat to move over ever so slightly. There appears to be some hot competition for the title of Tinseltown's "It" jodi. Check out Sonam and Imran on the cover of Filmfare. They've certainly got chemistry, those two. Seriously, how cute are they? I'd love to see them in a film together. Do you hear that, casting directors? Disclaimer/fyi: sorry ladies, he's actually not that tall...she's sitting on a table.

Cover Story: Priyanka Chopra.

Check out Piggy Chops vampin' it up on the July cover of Harper's Bazaar India. She evokes an old school glamor in a shimmery gold gown from the Versace Spring '09 prêt-à-porter collection. Her sultry makeup focuses on matte red lips with little else. Her curly, voluminous hair is a welcome change from the sleek, pin straight styles popular in Bollywood these days. The stylists on this cover shoot rocked it out!

Rare Miss.

While her other recent outing was a tad on the matchy side, I still concede that she looked polished. Given our impossibly high standards for Sri, she's bound to slip up every once in a while, but it happens so rarely that it's a bit jarring when it does occur. At the Kambakkht Ishq success party, Sridevi's shiny, purple tunic was ok, but paired with the matching satin Dior "Charming" hobo and (too-close in color to be contrasting) indigo pants ... well, it's all a bit much! While her fashion choices were a bit of a mishmash, I continue to admire her always flawless hair and makeup. Her skin is so effortless and glowy. She must be blessed with naturally youthful skin plus a phenomenal makeup artist. So that's the next item on my impossible wish list: Kareena's wind machine, followed by Sri's makeup artist. The order on that is negotiable.Photo Source.

Arey Vaah!

Greasy-looking bangs aside, Sonali looked quite lovely at an event for her Marathi play, Gabhricha Paus. I chalk the bangs up to Mumbai summer heat, but her simple yet elegant georgette sari carried the day! I love the green and black combination, and further love that the sari has been draped and pleated properly. Sonali looks fantastic in saris. This just goes to prove that the sari is such a versatile dress and when worn correctly (i.e. no uniboob draping), always looks impeccably stylish. Love it!Photo Source.

Ho-Hum on "Das Ka Dum".

Screen siren Shilpa Shetty made a guest appearance on Das Ka Dum wearing - what else? - a Hervé Léger bandage dress. If this style ever goes out of fashion, you can trust Shilpa to singlehandedly revive it. While she remains enamoured of this silhouette, 1) it looks undeniably fab on her, and 2) at least she ditched the stirrup leggings this go around!Photo Source.


Deepika, you are a beautiful young actress, and you get picked to grace the cover of Vogue magazine. On said cover, you dazzle us in a Spring '09 Dolce and Gabbana gown. Yet at the unveiling of the same issue, you pose with the cover, your perfect smile overshadowed by tattered denim capris, and sneakers?! And did I mention that we're talking about a fashion powerhouse of a magazine like Vogue, no less? This isn't Teen People, Deepika!As it is a testament to her beauty and popularity, one would think she'd view it as an honor of sorts and would at least try to dress appropriately for the occasion. She looks like she just strolled off the badminton court. Really. Photo Source.

What Not To Wear 101.

As you all know, I am not a proponent of the belief that all celebs should be pencil thin. Far from it, in fact! I fully support healthy body images, however I am a stickler for dressing to flatter one's figure. At promotional events for Morning Walk, Divya Dutta demonstrates what happens when you completely disregard your body's shape when choosing outfits. When you have an ... umm ... "full house" on top, you want to avoid halter-styles and teeny tiny spaghetti straps. Why? Well for starters, you need support, woman! And these styles just won't provide it, which results in a hunched over appearance. Also, these styles lead to an unbalanced, "top heavy" look which would easily be solved with more substantial straps. Did you hear that, DD? Pay attention! Your girls (and your back) will thank you!Photo Source.

Extreme Matching: Sridevi Edition.

Sridevi went into a bit of neutral overload at the launch of Tarana Masand's collection in Mumbai. Don't get me wrong, Sri manages to look her usual lovely self though she is dressed in all-together too much brown. The linen shift and handbag each on their own are lovely pieces, and she carries them off well. However, when worn together, and with the matching sandals, well, let's just say the Match Patrol had a busy afternoon with this one!Photo Source.