Monday, June 29, 2009

You Be The Judge.

What do you make of Hrithik's look at the IIFA Awards? He's impeccably suited, right down to those silver shoes. Are they charmingly offbeat, or a fashion faux pas of the highest order? Keep in mind that he was named IIFA Style Icon of the Year at said awards show and that wifey Suzzane's gown was silver in color. That was just by way of explanation, not at all to sway your opinion one way or the other!Photo Credit: Reuters Pictures.


Aarti said...

nope, not digging it at all. First off, those pants! Eeks! It doesn't drape well at all, which is probably due to it being too long. :/

P.S. hope you're doing well! Havn't visited here for a while, lotsa posts to catch up on :)

desipolitan said...

Glad you're back, Aarti! Hope things are well on your end as well.

Queenie said...

Oh, he's having fun. He rockes the shoes with whimsicality and personality. The shoes make me like the guy and see him as an individual rather than a chicken**** follower of what some dude in Italy or New York says is "good taste"
Looks great, less predictable. Thumbs up for Hrithik.