Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yawn. As Usual.

But she's so lovely! It pains me to write this time after time, but Vidya recently attended Kiran Chopra's art exhibition clad in - you guessed it - another white-based anarkali. You may have noticed that these whitish anarkalis she trots out are each ever-so-slightly different, yet more or less the same. It really makes me think her closet must be filled with nothing but these white (or white derivative) suits. Though the suits are clearly not identical, they are so similar that they might as well be for fashion commentary purposes. It essentially looks like she's wearing the same outfit repeatedly. Also, the individual anarkalis themselves are actually quite nice, but you wouldn't notice that right away because you'd be too busy rolling your eyes that she's wearing "yet another one". Get a clue, Vid. Or better yet, get a stylist!Photo Source.

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