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White Out.

Looks like Ms. Koirala has out-slobbed herself this time. At the X-Men premiere, she showed up in a ratty ol' tee and white denims - she's really not doing herself any favors with head-to-toe white. And don't even get me started on those kicks. What did I say the rule on sneakers to a premiere was? Don't do it. Ever!Photo Source.


meghan said…
god, don't these people have stylists?? with my student budget i dress better...
desipolitan said…
They've got money, they're famous ... you'd think the next logical step would be to hire a stylist. Which makes me wonder if maybe she does have a stylist ... a very, very bad stylist?
Queenie said…
As someone who has been exposed, from birth to Hollywood and all its phoney trapping and relentlessly "styled" people (who frankly cease to resemble people and begin to resemble cartoon characters with NILL personality and individualism) I LOVE seeing what people, human beings, real humans, born of other humans, wear when they go out. Sometimes they are GASP---casual, and comfortable! OMG (as the teenagers say) they actually may not always want to look sleek and wear shoes that are freakin' uncomfortable! (slaps jaw in shock!) They are like---ugh!---ME! How terrible! Well, actually it's NOT terrible. They aren't all fake blonde or a size zero either...and why the heck should they be? They are lovely humans who look nice and casual and comfortable. That's why I'd rather see these people---people who actually resemble PEOPLE---than the overly styled types. Anyone can pay an outsider for expertise. What do YOU do yourself? That's what interests me and what tells me more about you than how much money you can afford to pay out for someone elses idea of "style".
desipolitan said…
Interesting point, Queenie. I do partially agree in that it would be nice to see people exposing their individual style. But therein lies our difference in opinion. Style for me implies not being a slob. Celebrities are paid to look good. That is their job. They are beautiful (and some can even act!), and they are famous because of their beauty (and sometimes talent). Whilst attending a film premiere or other such event, this is an employment function for a star as far as I'm concerned. You'll note that I don't criticize celebs when they're dressed casually while running errands, etc. But my point is: you wouldn't go to a client meeting in sweats and sneakers, would you? It's a high standard, sure. But such is the price of fame.

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