Monday, June 29, 2009

Out and About.

I don't normally gush about stars, but I have to say, Bebo looked adorable out and about in Delhi getting her shop on with Saif. I'm happy to note that Bebo's rocking out my very own summer go-to hairstyle. It's fun to see stars out in their own element without the gloss and veneer of B-town. Bebo's red Ray Bans, color block maxi and her roomy Gucci "Tapestry" tote (from the "Hysteria" collection) are perfect for a day of shopping. Those flips peeking out from under the maxi appear to be a variety of the so-called "fit flop". You know, the ones that look atrocious but promise easy fitness ... the easy part makes me question the validity of that claim! I guess Bebo's multitasking and figures she'd like to get the most out of walking around the shops. As for Saifu, what is his deal with the bandannas? Photo Source.

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