Thursday, June 4, 2009

Judge the Judges.

If you're in a position to judge others at pageants, you should probably make certain that your own fashion statement at the event in question is impeccable, right? Well one would think so anyway. Apparently, these ladies missed that memo at the office. First up, Yukta Mookhey, at the Bombay Times Supermom Contest. Now that is one garish chudidaar suit! Seriously, Yukta. Something should have given - the colors or the giant embellishments. Together it's all just a little too much. Next up, Diana Hayden, who judged auditions for the Miss Teen India pageant in Ahmedabad. Apparently, Ms. Hayden threw on a tunic and heels over her yoga pants and dashed off to the auditions because she was running late. This can be the only explanation for this most unfortunate wardrobe choice. In this competition, Malaika Arora Khan clearly comes out on top as the most fashion conscious celeb judge. It's not even close! Photo Source.

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