Monday, June 8, 2009

Aunty ji Returns.

She's been so quiet of late, that I really began to think that she'd shut down her hair salon/fashion consultancy business and stopped afflicting Bollywood starlets with awful coifs and fashion advice. I guess I was wrong. Aarti Chabria clearly consulted with Aunty ji before attending the Cancer Patients Aid Association benefit. How else do you explain her uninspired pink-n-flowery ensemble? Frumpy, floral skirt of unflattering limbo hemline? Check. Extreme Matching cuff and tank? Check check. Monogrammed LV bowling bag for not-so-subtle label dropping purposes? Check. The result being, that Aarti flounced into the benefit clad in a one-of-a-kind fashion flub courtesy of Aunty ji.Photo Source.

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