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Stylish Shabana.

Shabana Azmi inaugurated the Golecha Jewels showroom in Bandra in a striking creme sari with a deep green blouse. Check out the heavy duty kundan set she's wearing. Emeralds seem to be popular these days with Bollywood's leading ladies. Shabana ji wisely kept everything else elegant and understated such that her jewelry stood out without being at all pretentious. A star other than Madam Azmi would have made the mistake of pairing these jewels with a flashy sari, heavy makeup and big hair. But not Shabana ji. She's as classy as ever. Love it!Photo Source.

Hated It.

I'm speaking of Deepika's look at the audio release of her upcoming film Love Aaj Kal on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. At first blush, it appears to be nothing more than a tacky frock that would be more appropriate on an eight year old schoolgirl. On closer inspection, we see that Deepika has actually worsened the look (and you thought it wasn't possible!) by adding a pair of magenta leggings. Add to that her misplaced chunky, brass bangles and too-blah chappals, and you have all the makings for one ug-o of a look. Don'tcha just hate when bad clothes happen to beautiful people?Photo Source.

Out and About.

I don't normally gush about stars, but I have to say, Bebo looked adorable out and about in Delhi getting her shop on with Saif. I'm happy to note that Bebo's rocking out my very own summer go-to hairstyle. It's fun to see stars out in their own element without the gloss and veneer of B-town. Bebo's red Ray Bans, color block maxi and her roomy Gucci "Tapestry" tote (from the "Hysteria" collection) are perfect for a day of shopping. Those flips peeking out from under the maxi appear to be a variety of the so-called "fit flop". You know, the ones that look atrocious but promise easy fitness ... the easy part makes me question the validity of that claim! I guess Bebo's multitasking and figures she'd like to get the most out of walking around the shops. As for Saifu, what is his deal with the bandannas? Photo Source.

You Be The Judge.

What do you make of Hrithik's look at the IIFA Awards? He's impeccably suited, right down to those silver shoes. Are they charmingly offbeat, or a fashion faux pas of the highest order? Keep in mind that he was named IIFA Style Icon of the Year at said awards show and that wifey Suzzane's gown was silver in color. That was just by way of explanation, not at all to sway your opinion one way or the other!Photo Credit: Reuters Pictures.

Almost Perfect.

Lara wore a stunning gold Manav Gangwani sari at IIFA. Her jewelry was absolute perfection. It was lovely to see emeralds paired with something other than black and white. However, I must register my dislike of the bikini blouse and the uni-boob draping. It totally cheapens an otherwise trés chic look. Boo!Photo Credit: Reuters Pictures.

Frock Fetish.

(Top) Photo Credit: Reuters Pictures. (Bottom) Photo Credit: AP Photo.
Kat has been busy flitting around the Desh promoting her upcoming release New York alongside costars John Abraham and Neil Mukesh. Seems like she packed her bags with a different colored mini for each event. Got a fave?
(L) Photo Source. (R) Photo Source.

x 3: Aarti Chabria.

Pricey handbags are an investment. As I said before, a Vuitton is certainly no exception. Therefore, I can't fault Aarti for trying to get the most mileage out of her LV bowling bag. This go around, at the Comedy Store tour launch, the bag actually works with her casual look. The only thing I'd change here would be swapping in a pair of darker rinse denims. Otherwise, it's perfectly appropriate. I suppose this improves her overall track record with this handbag to 1-2. Not too shabby.Photo Source.

Cover Story: Aishwarya.

Check out La Rai on the cover of the aptly titled June '09 issue of Verve. She's wearing a modified, candy apple red Shahab Durazi gown, last seen over a year ago on Sonali. Sonali wore a pale pink version at the Drona premiere. So which do y'all prefer? The in-your-face, powerful red? Or the sweet as can be baby pink?Photo Source.

x 2: LV.

Aarti arrived at the Arra store launch in Juhu toting her trusty LV bowling bag, yet again. Granted, it's a pricey bag, so I'm not going to slam her for x2ing. However, just because it's Vuitton (and with that shiny, burgandy patent leather monogram, it's hard to miss), doesn't mean it goes with everything! Case in point, this is the second time we're seeing her carry this particular bag, and so far it's 0-2.Photo Source.

Heat Wave.

It sure looks like grandma's applique box vomited all over Neetu Chandra at the D'damas Gitanjali Jewels store launch. She's sporting heavy applique work both at the neckline of her frock, as well as on her scarf. A scarf? In June? In amchi Mumbai? This trend needs to die right away, before some star winds up hospitalized due to heat stroke. I seriously think the scarf is just tempting fate at this point.Photo Source.

The More Outrageous, The Better.

Hats, that is. The Longines Ambassador of Elegance for over ten years, La Rai was positively radiant at the Royal Ascot. She looked very smart in a silver and grey Armani suit, topped with not so much a hat as a work of art designed by famed couture millner Ilda Di Vico. In an interview with The Economic Times, La Rai remarked "I was a bit worried till I got my hat, one hears about outrageous hats people wear to Ascot, but I love mine. It’s so me." Speaking of fancy headdresses, La Rai is more than accustomed to outrageousness ... we've seen the stills from Endhiran!Via The Economic Times.

Cas Done Right and So Wrong.

Dia is one starlet who consistently nails the casual look at various B-town events. Recently, at the Bridgestone "Think Before You Drive" event, Dia paired a fun and floral tank with skinny denims and matching yellow t-strap cork platforms. She was breezy cas, yet completely put together without being matchy or OTT.Soha, on the other hand, never learns. At the Godrej Khelo Jeeto Jiyo gameshow launch, she was in one word, a disaster. Starting with her tired, beige tank with bra straps a showin' (get a strapless, woman!), she added her trademark too-short jeans and finished it off with a pair of what appear to be Saifu's shoes. Oh my gods.Photo Source.

x 2: BCBG.

If it works, then why not? Kat wore her royal blue BCBG sheath to the Lux Comedy Honors Grand Finale. She looked fab the first time, and I gotta say, she looks much the same this go around. Only thing is, with their ginormous closets, you'd think it'd be at least a couple of months before starlets recycled dresses ... however cute they may be.Photo Source.


Shweta Salve demonstrates the whole concept of high-low dressing by mixing high end items with more inexpensive pieces at the Fiat Punto launch at the Taj Land's End. I'm all in favor of high-low, but I think pairing a statement handbag like the metallic Bottega Shweta's toting, with a loud, graphic print dress (in this case, by Mango), results in a total waste. Her lovely handbag is totally washed out by the bold, black and white dress. Separately, these pieces would be a-ok. Together, not so much.Photo Source.

White Out.

Looks like Ms. Koirala has out-slobbed herself this time. At the X-Men premiere, she showed up in a ratty ol' tee and white denims - she's really not doing herself any favors with head-to-toe white. And don't even get me started on those kicks. What did I say the rule on sneakers to a premiere was? Don't do it. Ever!Photo Source.

Strange Fixation.

While she did cut a stunning figure in a daring Cavalli cut-out at IIFA, Sush bookended her appearances in two billowy kaftans. I'm not quite sure what to make of this latest, odd penchant for kaftans. Do you suppose this is her newest "thing"? If so, it's certainly a departure from the staid, all black styles she's been gravitating towards of late. I'm just not sure it's a step in the right direction.Photo Credit: Reuters Pictures.


As glamorous as La Rai looked in her Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla sari, she fizzled out in the Nachiket Barve frock she wore to another IIFA event. The dress itself is not awful, and La Rai manages to look put together much as usual. However, it clearly lacked the oomph factor that she produced in the sari. What say?Photo Credit: Getty Images.

Blue Crush.

Ditching her penchant for black satin pants paired with a frilly blouse, Ravs took a turn for the worse at the Cirque du Soleil show at IIFA. Let's recap, shall we? Wrinkled, satiny blue halter-style sheath....matching clutch...horribly clunky (and matching) platforms which serve only to shorten her legs. If this isn't a case of Extreme Matching, I don't know what is!Photo Credit: Reuters Pictures.

Just Say No ...

... to mehndi as a grey cover up. Mehndi + white hair = carrotlike hair color. Unless Khanna sahib was trying to match his hair to his kurta, in which case, I retract my criticism and triple it for such a ridiculous idea. Yikes!Photo Credit: Reuters Pictures.

Modest Suggestion.

It's a welcome change when you see B-town starlets actually trying to cover up a bit as opposed to the usual skin show, so I'm certainly not knocking Celina for that at the Paying Guest premiere. However, if it's modesty you want, it certainly doesn't have to come at the expense of style! When you want to mitigate the effects of a plunging neckline, it's best to use a contrasting colored cami because there's nothing worse than coming close, but ultimately not matching the shade of your dress.Photo Source.

Jungle Fever.

If you ever have the opportunity to go on safari to some of the posher venues and locales in Mumbai, you're likely to spot the Bebo, a label conscious yet occasionally style lacking celeb. Here she is at a press meet for Kambakkht Ishq. We know Bebo has a thing for Cavalli and for animal prints, but this blouse paired with this skirt results in a look that is plainly horrendous together. Cavalli it may be, but attractive, it ain't.Photo Credit: AP Photo.

Grecian Goddess .

It's an apt title for Sonam at IIFA. In sharp contrast to the boring brigade and their hum drum, run of the mill floor length numbers, Sonam's selection was both innovative and fun. Looking every inch a Greek goddess, Sonam wowed in a toga-inspired Anamika Khanna creation. Love what she's done with her hair ... very in-keeping with the whole goddess theme. Plus, when mummy dearest is a jewelry designer, well, let's just say, it doesn't get much better than that, now does it? The stunning kundan set infused a desi vibe into her rather Mediterranean attire.(L) Photo Credit: AP Photo. (R) Photo Credit: Reuters Pictures.

Boring Brigade.

Zzzzzz. Oh sorry about that. Can't. Seem. To. Stay. Awake. Taking a look at this rather boring slew of evening gowns, you might see how I am having trouble keeping my eyelids open. I don't recall seeing a more unimaginative lot of late. The ill-fitting, the jersey, the flashy colors, the same basic shape. Yawn. Any thoughts?
(L-R) Genelia D'Souza, Neha Dhupia, Mughda Godse.
(L-R) Amrita Rao, Bipasha Basu, Dia Mirza, Minissha Lamba.
Photo Credit: Reuters Pictures.

She's Still Got It!

Aishwaryashek was ever the in-love couple on the green carpet at IIFA where La Rai was awarded the Star of the Decade Award. Seriously. How cute are they?! La Rai was elegant as always in an Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla sari. Their work is so easily recognizable. I'm glad she opted for a sari, this time, rather than her go-to chudidaar kurtas!Photo Credit: AP Photo.

Whaddaya Expect?

Piggy Chops attended IIFA in a Manish Malhotra (shocker!) sari. Now, I love the creme and hot pink color combination, but I hate hate hate the way she's draped the sari. Nothing bothers me more than this manner of pallu draping - it totally cheapens the sari. I wish this trend would go away already! I really think Piggy Chops needs some remedial coursework at MHSFCS. I hear Sridevi has joined the faculty as adjunct prof in the sari draping department alongside Mrs. Nawab of Pataudi.Photo Credit: Reuters Pictures.

You Be The Judge: Backless Edition.

Sush definitely sizzled on the red carpet at an IIFA event in her clingy, black, cut-out Cavalli number. Check out the back - or lack thereof. It's certainly a departure from some of her other choices at IIFA, but more on that later. For the time being, here's the all-important question: do ya dig it?Photo Credit: Reuters Pictures.

On the Catwalk, Yeah.

The IIFA Fashion Extravaganza featured some big name desi designers, as well as the (not unexpected) crop of Bollywood stars strutting their stuff on the ramp. My personal faves were Dia in a stunning Manav Gangwani lehnga with bodice top, and Amrita in a kicky black strapless number by Gilli.
Bips walks the walk in a Rocky S creation.Sonam was the showstopper for Anamika Khanna.Neha presented a D'damas design.Neil and Mughda walked for Siyaram.
Photo Credit: Reuters Pictures.

Perfect Pooja.

Granted, the famous Hérve Léger body-con look is not for everyone (ahem, Parameshwar!), Pooja Batra looks undeniably smashing as she arrives for the IIFA Fashion Extravaganza held at the Venetian resort in Macau. The bandage dress designs are notoriously unforgiving and truly not fit for the fashion faint of heart. But when you ooze confidence like Pooja, and you have a rockin' body to boot, this style looks fan-to-the-freakin-tastic! Photo Credit: Reuters Pictures.

Sonam Blends Right In.

Yep. You read that right. Sonam Kapoor wore an outrageously colorful Manish Arora dress (I believe from his Spring/Summer '08 collection), and paired said dress with hot pink pumps and a neon orange B. Romanek "Rock Star" clutch, and I said she blended right into the crowd .... after the Zaia Cirque du Soleil Show where celebs hobnobbed with the Cirque's equally colorful performers. Sonam's dress features Arora's trademark quirky style, and I believe she pulls it off with aplomb. Sonam doesn't let the riot of color, bold mirror-work, or slightly boxy shape of the dress overwhelm her. Instead, she opts for low key makeup and loose and unstructured hair to offset the Arora design. I love that she sticks to the dresses bright hued palette without getting all matchy matchy with her accessories. Speaking of quirky, let's not forget that singers M.I.A., Katy Perry and Lady Gaga count themselves as fans of Arora's designs.Photo Credit: Reuters Pictures.

AdWatch: Yawn.

Considering that they each hired one helluva glamazon in Deepika for their adverts, both the BSNL and Orbit print campaigns fall flat as utterly bo-ring concepts. There's nothing visually interesting about either. Both feature Deepika's Crest-commercial-perfect smile and somewhat vacant gaze. What a waste of an otherwise glamorous spokesmodel.

Cover Story: Diana Penty.

Elle India's June 2009 issue is touted as their "big budget issue" full of guidance on how to do everything for less. Starting with their cover, they've got model Diana Penty posing in a highly economic pair of Levi's (around $40!) and a colorful, custom Varun Sardana blouse. Methinks they saved on the denims but splurged on the top!Photo Source.

AdWatch: Tag.

As perfect as La Rai is for Longines, I think SRK is a perfect choice for Tag Heuer. He's got the tough guy swagger combined with a superstar's charm. Plus, he's got the whole smoldering/moody/intense gaze down pat. Love it!

Filmi Forecast: New Look for Dev.

With all the coverage I've been giving the glamorous Freida, I can't overlook her cutie pie co-star, Dev. Check out Dev in his forthcoming release entitled The Last Airbender, in which he plays the role of Zuko. It's a bit of a departure for him, na?Photo Source.

The Shoes Have It.

The recently held IIFA fashion extravaganza at The Venetian in Macau featured top designers including Rocky S, Anamika Khanna and Manav Gangwani to name a few. The glitzy affair was attended by Bolly-town's trendiest stars, including Sophie Chaudary who wore a one-shoulder über-mini. Not a fan of her outfit. At all. Though she's got the body to pull it off, I just feel that the hemline crosses the fuzzy line between daring and downright scandal-inducing. Also, not that a woman should immediately begin dressing matronly post age 25 (I so do not advocate this position!), but in your mid-twenties, it's time to start walking away from the so-short-you-can't-lift-your-arms-without-mega exposure look. This definitely goes for you too, MAK! By all means, take fashion risks, show some skin, and don't abandon your edgy sense of style, but try and keep some sense of decorum! You're not 21 any more so you really have no excuse! Anywho, back to the point of this post. The …

Yummy Akki.

Akki's spory, cas look at the Kambakkht Ishq press meet was trés South Beach. The non-buzzed hair actually gives him a youthful appearance (read: Akki in the '90s) which is a fun change from his usual more rugged appearances. And of course, he's got on his fave LV "Monte Carlo" loafers. They're metallic gold. Not really a look most men could pull off. That's what sets our Akki apart from the rest! He's adventurous in his fashion choices, and he loves his loafers.Photo Source.

More Than Meets The Eye.

At first blush, Rahul Khanna was ever the dapper filmi hunk at the Audi Q5 launch. He looked smart and sophisticated in his grey blazer paired with skinny black tie and a crisp white button down. Most importantly, besides his innate stylishness, Rahul also avoids the common pitfall that most Bollywood boy toys fall into: man cleavage. Happily, there is none on display with Rahul! Unfortunately, when one gets a full look at him, the result is more disappointing than not. Given his fashion acumen, I was expecting either the grey suit pants that coordinate with the jacket, or at least a pair of black trousers. Instead, we get white dress pants that appear to be too short for Rahul. I'm not fond of men in white pants for dressy events. Somehow, the white just kicks the look into semi-cas territory which totally clashes with his staid, buttoned up look on top. I could get over the white pants, however, they appear to be clamdiggers. Clamdiggers. On a man. Awful. Photo Source.