Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why Ruin a Good Thing?

When I travel to Jodhpur, I love going to the fabric stores to pick up bandhani and leheriya material. Last time, I picked out 3 beautiful pieces of this material with the intention that I'd have them stitched into saadha suits because the beauty of the fabric itself was enough embellishment. I regret to inform you that my material was viciously attacked by a sequin-crazed seamstress in Delhi. Suffice it to say, she ruined all 3 pieces with her overzealousness. Anyhoo....coming to the point (you knew I'd eventually make it), one look at Divya at the Vighnaharta Shree Siddhininayak promotion and I started having traumatic flashbacks to the day I went to the shop to pick up my suits.Since Divya's bandhani sari is already an intense, color soaked orange, she could certainly have done without the large sequined embellishments. The bandhani design alone is plenty of embellishment - you really don't need more! All they do is ruin the simple beauty of the handloom. Oh, and by the way, I'm not a fan of those pseudo-trendy bangs Divya's been sporting of late. That's one trend gone horribly wrong. Also, it appears that Divya's copying our one and only Kajal Queen with her heavy handed reverse lining a la Bebo. I'm not a huge fan of it at baseline, but if it's applied with a lighter touch, it wouldn't be as racoon-like and jarring. This is plainly unattractive in my opinion.Photo Source.


BabyJanny said...

ugh! as soon as i saw her face i thought kareena!

we need some of the racoon-be-gone spray! hahaha

desipolitan said...

Ahhh racoon-be-gone spray - how perfect would that be?!