Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sheer Indolence.

Laziness. Apathy. Slothfulness. In terms of personal appearance, these adjectives should not describe celebrities attending events (as opposed to running errands). They are, after all, essentially paid to look good right? Neetu Chandra looked like she rolled off a poolside lawn chair to attend the Big Fm promotional event at Atria Mall. She appeared to be dressed in what may well be a swimsuit with a half-sarong/half-parachute pant cover up. With those hideous shoes and bizarre pink strand of hair, she's one hot mess.Look, Neetu. The way I see it, when a company invites you to their event, it's usually because they think you, as a star, will boost their image. You should really make every effort to not dress like a bum when you attend such events. It's just good sense.
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