Wednesday, May 27, 2009

x 2: Neetu Chandra.

I don't know about you, but I for one am getting more than a little peeved by Neetu's don't-care attitude towards making herself presentable for filmi events. Here she is at a press meet for the CPAA cricket match, and all I can think is: "are you friggin' kidding me?!" The dress alone is ok. Not great, but not awful either. She previously wore it to the Neeta Lulla show at LFW also with disastrous footwear. But here in the present, she actually managed to out-do her prior fugulosity. Those shower sandals she's got on...clearly this is an extension of her previous poolside attire. Now, she can't even be bothered to put on real shoes when she goes out in public for promotional events. Good God, woman! You have a small amount of fame (though at this point I really wonder why), and yet you can't be bothered to get your act together. And don't play dumb, Neetu. The fact that this event was at the Taj Land's End and not outdoors at a waterpark, should tip you off that proper shoes are required. Photo Source.

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