Sunday, May 10, 2009

Neither Here Nor There.

Roza Catalano - Saifu's ex and a member of the "why is she famous?" club - attended Varon Sharma's book launch looking cruise-ready in her resort wear look. Strangely transparent tube top aside (another reason why the flashbulb test is key), her cas black pants are neither here nor there. They're too short to be regular pants, yet not short enough to be true capris. This length is a total miss. Her strand necklace is a nice touch. I do like her no-fuss, pulled back hair and her makeup suits her olive complexion.In another news, Gul was also in attendance. Her skinny jeans and tank look was disappointing as usual. If you're going to go with skinny jeans, you should opt for a looser, more tunic-like top to balance the look. She looks unbalanced here with the short, tight tank and the skinny denims.Photo Source.

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