Saturday, May 23, 2009

Like Day and Night.

These lovelies were in attendance at the L'oreal brunch in honor of Sonam held recently at Olive. I love the fun, vivid floral halter with the tiered ruffles that Candice wore. The splash of pink lipstick really brought the whole look together. Perhaps its her model's innate ability, but Candice doesn't let her very loud dress wear her; rather, she wears it and wears it with aplomb.Anchal took a different route in her Mango sheath. Sure, it's more sober than Candice's dress, but it's certainly edgy. I'm digging the grey/white/black color palette. As with Candice, Anchal kept the accessories to a minimum to let the dress do all the talking. A wise move. Do y'all have a preference? Day or night?Photo Source.


Aarti said...

ahh, i love the way candice is carrying herself in the first picture. Not too posey-posey, carefree, vibrant and her smile looks genuine. Love it. And she looks fierce in that dress, totally owning it! Definitely day over night :)

desipolitan said...

It's the mark of a great model to be able to strike such a natural pose. I think the Mango dress is more of a nighttime dress anyway. Candice looks perfect for an afternoon event.