Monday, May 4, 2009

Dev-n-Freida Sitting in a Tree....

Here's a little masala for your dreary Monday afternoon. What kind of desi blog would I be if I couldn't provide my dear readers with a bit of khaas baat every now and again? Advisory: if you are the kind of person who rolls their eyes at the mere mention of gossip, I'd suggest you skip this post; all others, keep in mind, it's all in good fun!

First Uncle Anil blew the lid off their alleged on-the-sets relationship in an interview with The Sun. Next, in an interview with The Daily Mirror, Dev's mum, Anita, supposedly confirmed her knowledge of her son's trip to Israel to visit Freida, who is currently filming for Miral on location (mysteriously, I can no longer locate a link to the interview in question). Now, google searches for either Freida or Dev turn up page after page of snaps of the two allegedly canoodling at lunch or otherwise acting all lovey dovey in Israel. Are Dev-n-Freida an off-screen couple? Did Dev fly to Israel just to visit Freida? Could these reports be true? Only time will tell. To the mere possibility that these two cuties are in fact a couple, let's have a collective "awwwww." Cho chweet, na?

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