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x 3: For Realz, Anu?!

Ok so once was bad, and twice was worse, but three times?! Anu Malik partied it up at the Betiyaan & Maayka 500th episode party in his now familiar tricked out shiney orange blazer. Here's hoping this look won't be inflicted upon our poor eyes yet another time!Photo Source.

She's Back!

Photo Source.
After an all too long hiatus from the seen-and-be-seen circuit, Karisma made a chic appearance at the Hans Baliye launch party. At first look, you'd think Lolo was sporting a head-to-toe black look rather reminiscent of a barista at Starbucks. However, Lolo's too savvy for that. She broke up the all black with a tan Birkin and peep toe slingback Loubies. Add to that, her sleek hair and non-filmi (read: subtle) makeup, and you have all the fixins for yet another fantabulous appearance for La Kapoor.Photo Credit: Reuters Pictures.

Fab vs. Drab.

Minissha looked crisp and sophisticated in her pastel yellow pencil skirt and button down shirt at Guy Kremer's Eyecatcher spa launch. I do wish she'd trade in her Minnie Mouse-esque white round toe heels for a nude pair. Meanwhile, Gul's khaki colored canvas dress is ... how do you say...le boring. It's not awfully ill-fitting or disproportionate so there is that, but it sure is snoozeworthy!Photo Source.

Style Rut.

I gotta say, I used to find stage performances more entertaining when the costumes were provided by ... say, Manish Malhotra or some such. Take a dekho at Bebo performing at the Kal Kisne Dekha promo in Ahmedabad and Kat shaking a leg at the IPL finals. Not exactly a testament to innovative costumes and original styling, now is it?Photo Credit: AP Photo.

Picture Perfect.

Sonali jetted over to Ahmedabad to promote her latest reality show, India's Got Talent, where she will again serve as a judge alongside Shekhar Kapur and Kirron Kher. I'm glad to see that the beautiful Ms. Bendre has outgrown her bangs phase. Her side swept, face-framing layers create the impression of effortless elegance. She doesn't look contrived or like she's trying too hard. In fact, this easy breezy cut gives the impression that she actually wakes up looking this fab. Also, as a side note, her stylist applied honey and caramel toned highlights sparingly through her hair. Two things are accomplished: (1) movement is created in otherwise jet black locks, and (2) grey coverage (not that Sonali has any) is made much easier and the greys themselves are less noticeable when you add a few highlights here and there.Photo Credit: Reuters Pictures/Amit Dave.

x 2: Neetu Chandra.

I don't know about you, but I for one am getting more than a little peeved by Neetu's don't-care attitude towards making herself presentable for filmi events. Here she is at a press meet for the CPAA cricket match, and all I can think is: "are you friggin' kidding me?!" The dress alone is ok. Not great, but not awful either. She previously wore it to the Neeta Lulla show at LFW also with disastrous footwear. But here in the present, she actually managed to out-do her prior fugulosity. Those shower sandals she's got on...clearly this is an extension of her previous poolside attire. Now, she can't even be bothered to put on real shoes when she goes out in public for promotional events. Good God, woman! You have a small amount of fame (though at this point I really wonder why), and yet you can't be bothered to get your act together. And don't play dumb, Neetu. The fact that this event was at the Taj Land's End and not outdoors at a waterpark,…

Why Ruin a Good Thing?

When I travel to Jodhpur, I love going to the fabric stores to pick up bandhani and leheriya material. Last time, I picked out 3 beautiful pieces of this material with the intention that I'd have them stitched into saadha suits because the beauty of the fabric itself was enough embellishment. I regret to inform you that my material was viciously attacked by a sequin-crazed seamstress in Delhi. Suffice it to say, she ruined all 3 pieces with her overzealousness. Anyhoo....coming to the point (you knew I'd eventually make it), one look at Divya at the Vighnaharta Shree Siddhininayak promotion and I started having traumatic flashbacks to the day I went to the shop to pick up my suits.Since Divya's bandhani sari is already an intense, color soaked orange, she could certainly have done without the large sequined embellishments. The bandhani design alone is plenty of embellishment - you really don't need more! All they do is ruin the simple beauty of the handloom. Oh, and by…

Love It!

Attending the CPAA cricket match press meet, Raima Sen gets an unqualified shout out for her angrakha kameez-style anarkali suit. Like Vidya before her, Raima's version gives the anarkali a new kick and is a welcome departure from the anarkali suits we've been seeing all over the place ... again, particularly on Vidya. There's also something comforting about the print on her suit - I think it's the muted earth tones and the traditional pattern which convey a beautiful simplicity.Photo Source.

Almost Perfect.

The fabulous Kirron Kher attended the premiere of Saaransh in a white anarkali with lovely booti work. She paired her suit with trendy kohlapuri wedges which I love. I only wish she'd dropped the LV tote - the checkered pattern blends right in with her suit, thus rendering its "wow" factor nonexistent. A pop of color in the form of her usual arm candy, the humble batua, is sorely missed in her alltogether too monochromatic look.Photo Source.

You Be The Judge: Memorial Day Edition.

Ladies and gents, it's time to celebrate the arrival of summer by wearing your finest whites. If you adhere to the old fashion rule, you've got until Labor Day. On that note, this YBTJ asks you which of these ladies pulled off the quintessential white summer frock look the best at the L'oreal brunch.
(L) Rashmi Nigam. (R) Sucheta Sharma
Photo Source.

Extremely Unhip.

Check out Zayed at the Midival Punditz album launch - he's such an Ashton-wannabe, except we all know there's only room for one on the goofy-chic train. I know what you must be thinking, Z. You're attending an album launch for a hot and happening group. So you figure, why not pile on every trendy thing you own. The result being, a weird amalgam consisting of those funky colored shades, a brand new hat (c'mon, everyone knows you gotta break it in a bit before wearing it), a half zipped Emporio Armani hoodie with copious amounts of man cleavage on display, and greasy hair (which may explain the painfully new hat). Too. Much. Yaar.Vidya B. was also jammin' at the launch. Apparently, this is her idea of edgy/sexy/hip: an oversize black kurta over a pink salwaar. Well, at least she didn't bust out another anarkali, so there's that to be thankful for...I guess.Photo Source.

All Black.

Unlike a certain other celeb in attendance (ahem, Prachi), Manasi looked quite fetching in her black one-shoulder blouse and pencil skirt. The patent leather booties were an edgy touch, though, as I've said before, I'm not a big fan of booties with skirts. A little pop of color in the form of her belt or clutch wouldn't have hurt, but she certainly didn't go wrong with basic black. It's mature but not frumpy, and perfect for this sophisticated chick.Photo Source.

Like Day and Night.

These lovelies were in attendance at the L'oreal brunch in honor of Sonam held recently at Olive. I love the fun, vivid floral halter with the tiered ruffles that Candice wore. The splash of pink lipstick really brought the whole look together. Perhaps its her model's innate ability, but Candice doesn't let her very loud dress wear her; rather, she wears it and wears it with aplomb.Anchal took a different route in her Mango sheath. Sure, it's more sober than Candice's dress, but it's certainly edgy. I'm digging the grey/white/black color palette. As with Candice, Anchal kept the accessories to a minimum to let the dress do all the talking. A wise move. Do y'all have a preference? Day or night?Photo Source.

AdWatch: Tanishq.

Jewelry ads are among my favorite prints ads in India as they tend to capture a timeless Bollywood glamour. From a marketing perspective, the trouble is, that it's often hard to distinguish brands - be it Tanishq or Gitanjali. They all seem to follow a standard formula: gorgeous Bollywood starlet + decadent jewels + swishy saris + perfectly airbrushed makeup + flowy tresses. Don't get me wrong, the result is usually quite lovely. But I fear that from a marketing view, they're not really getting the brand name across. In fact, I'd venture that these ads do more for the flavor-of-the-day starlet posing in the jewels than for the jewelry brand. Have a look at Asin Thottumkal's latest ads for Tanishq. Compare to the Gitanjali ads featuring Katrina or Karisma's ads for Utsav (still looking for pics of the latter).Photo Source.

AdWatch: "Made in India, Ek Pyaara Soniya..."

Have I succeeded in getting that catchy tune by Alisha Chinai stuck in your heads as well?

In my childhood, I distinctly remember traveling in India and gazing outside at billboards, posters glued on just about anything, and hoardings as our car sped along busy streets. I marveled at the God-like status accorded to filmi celebrities after pestering my Mom to tell me "who's that?" as I pointed to the idealized, hand painted mugs of various stars that seemed to crop up everywhere. I also wondered at the conspicuous (yes, even at that age) absence of desi faces in the advertisements. Even as a kid, I did understand that India was becoming increasingly cosmopolitan and to some degree westernized. One couldn't deny the obvious signs of early globalization even then. However, it was disconcerting to travel through India while virtually all the adverts around displayed western models hawking distinctly desi products. How strange would it be if the tables were reversed, and e…

x 2: Lil' Black Bag Edition.

Mrs. Nawab of Pataudi wore a vibrant, floral print sari to the One Dream Rush party, and later wore the exact opposite, in the form of white chiffon at the Inglorious Basterds premiere. In comparison to some of the other saris Mrs. NoP has worn at Cannes, the white sari is only ok. Elegant? Certainly. But a tad disappointing given her other choices. Plus, the little black bag that worked fine with the deeply colorful sari doesn't do so well and is really quite jarring with the white sari.(L) Photo Credit: Getty Images. (R) Photo Credit: AFP Photo.

Caption This.

Happy Friday, y'all! Just for laughs, here's a pretty obvious CT (you can thank Karanvir for his subtlety) involving Teejay Sidhu and Karanvir at the Aarohi Film Festival. Hmmm. What do you suppose he is staring at? I know. I know. It's too easy. Snark away, people!Photo Source.

Sheer Indolence.

Laziness. Apathy. Slothfulness. In terms of personal appearance, these adjectives should not describe celebrities attending events (as opposed to running errands). They are, after all, essentially paid to look good right? Neetu Chandra looked like she rolled off a poolside lawn chair to attend the Big Fm promotional event at Atria Mall. She appeared to be dressed in what may well be a swimsuit with a half-sarong/half-parachute pant cover up. With those hideous shoes and bizarre pink strand of hair, she's one hot mess.Look, Neetu. The way I see it, when a company invites you to their event, it's usually because they think you, as a star, will boost their image. You should really make every effort to not dress like a bum when you attend such events. It's just good sense.
Photo Source.

Why Are Prom Dresses So Popular in B-town?

Prachi Desai graced the Aarohi Film Festival in an outfit that was ... well ... disastrous. First off, the bell shaped flounciness of this dress is totally unflattering. In fact, it rather resembles a shortened prom dress than anything else. She could definitely do without those cheap looking plastic accents. And don't get me started on those sandals. I'm quite confident that my sparkly, pink jelly shoes circa the 2nd grade were ten thousand times more fashionable than what she's got on here. Yuck.Photo Source.

My Favorite It Couple.

Despite the media frenzy that seems to continually dog these two, Suzanne and Hrithik are among my fave B-town celeb couples. The duo attended the 26th annual AIDS candlelight vigil - organized by the Heroes Project - looking oh so cute and summery. After all the speculation involving Hrithik and his Kites co-star, Barbara Mori, it's nice to see these two out doing good together. I wish Hrithik had broken up his monochromatic ensemble with a color other than black. Suzanne's a sultry summer siren (try saying that 5xfast) in a Diane von Furstenberg "Carana" frock. I'm digging Suzanne's espadrilles - how cool would they be as peep toes?!For those of you who could use a good jolt of caffeine, here's a good scare - this should hold you over until you can take a latte break. Check out the Roshans posing with the Queen of Age Inappropriateness, none other than Parmeshwar Godrej, complete with jaunty pageboy cap. Yikes. I'm certainly awake now. You?Photo Sou…

Imitation: the Sincerest Form of Flattery?

Aushima Sawhney attended the launch of Skoda India's new "Laura" vehicle dressed in a very familiar maxi dress. It's a modified version of the halter style maxi worn by Tabu at the Vikram Phadnis show at Lakmé Fashion Week. Personally, I prefer Tabu's as I feel the gold belt on Aushima's really detracts from the large print on the dress. Aushima's sandals, look like they could be cute, though not really suited for a glitzy car launch. Photo Source.

Cover Story: Bebo.

Bebo appeared on the cover of FHM recently in a none too flattering light. I do not like anything about this shot. The awkward pose, the bland clothing, the disheveled (but not in a sexy way) hair, the morning-after makeup. It's one big pffftt.

Near Hit.

With so many film related launches and events clogging up her datebook, one can hardly fault Piggy Chops for going with an understated look for the less significant launches. At the web site launch for her upcoming release Pyaar Impossible, she opted for a white sleeveless blouse with dark matchstick denims. I gotta say - the skinny fit is difficult to pull off, but Piggy looks marvelous. However - and you knew there had to be one of those - I'm not digging her platform peep toes with this outfit. They're slightly too chunky for the length of those denims.Photo Source.

More Than Meets The Eye.

At first blush, Kat looks fun and sporty at a meet and greet session for Royal Challengers contest winners at the ITC Grand Maratha. With her loose waves, picture perfect complexion and team jersey casually paired with denims, one could even conclude that Kat's giving fellow cricket babes Preity and Shilpa quite the challenge as IPL spokeswoman. Granted, she's not a co-owner as are PZ and Shilpa, so it's not a fair comparison, but I digress. A scroll down, paints an all-together different picture.*
Skinny black denims tucked into .... black construction boots?! What kind of a look is she going for? If it's tucked in denims she wants, then she's better off taking a cue from PZ.
Photo Source.


Raveena read the children's book Tinker Bell to a group of kiddies the other day. Her suit wasn't terribly tacky, so I guess there's that. However, it was quite the boring suit and I can't say that I am fond of the embroidery either. Plus, it is a dangerous fabric to wear in garama garam Mumbai and those chappals don't look all that comfortable either. That said, at least it wasn't a case of event inappropriate or ill-fitting attire. Anyway, it's a bunch of kidlets. I'm sure they didn't notice nor care! (L) Photo Source. (R) Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani.

Fabulous to Fugly: 1 Starlet's Journey.

That could be the title of La Rai's 2009 Cannes adventure. First she wowed in Cavalli and then kicked it up another notch with the Elie Saab gown. Thought she was on a run? Think again. La Rai attended the Cinema Verite press conference in a highly unflattering Roberto Cavalli Resort 2009 number. And the impeccable makeup and super structured hair of not one day ago? Gone. In its place, find boring, no-effort-at-all hair just pushed back with a headband and nondescript makeup. Meanwhile, dare I say it? In his Miami Vice-stylewhite blazer and denims, Abhi might be outshining his wifey - despite the man cleavage.Photo Credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Europe.

Caption This.

Another CT post involving the Bachchans? Relax. At least this time they're not happily flashing obscene gestures at the camera! Whilst walking the red carpet for Spring Fever, AB Jr. and La Rai struck this rather comical pose.AB Jr.: My feet hurt, my eyes are blinded by all these flashes, and I am so tired of smiling. Can we please go inside already?
La Rai: Suck it up, darling. This is what happens when you're married to TMBWITW. Now stop yapping and strike a pose!
Photo Credit: Reuters Pictures.

Reformed Fashion Victim?

At a recent press meet, Celina appears to have left her Desi Duke alter ego at home. She looks polished if a tad boring. A more relaxed trouser would probably have been better, and I wish she'd have left that chunky belt at home as well, and perhaps she could've opted for a non-monogrammed handbag for a change (while I'm not a huge fan of embossed patent leather, the chocolate color is yum). So her look isn't perfect, but it sure seems like progress to me!Photo Source.

Smashing Sharmila.

Cannes jury member, Sharmila Tagore delighted in a myriad of colors and sari styles. Each one complemented by fabulous yet not overpowering jewelry and perfectly coiffed hair. It should come as no surprise then, that she also serves as an adjunct faculty member at MHSFCS, Hema Malini's famed finishing school. Mrs. Nawab of Pataudi was fresh and summery in buttery yellow at the jury presentation photo call.Photo Credit: Pascal LeSegretain/Getty Images Europe.
I thought her sea foam and pink trimmed sari at the opening ceremony was damn near perfect. Beautiful colors and not in the least stuffy. I especially love her emerald ring and lightly curled hair. Oh, and are those kohlapuri wedges I spy?Photo Credit: Pascal LeSegretain/Getty Images Europe.Photo Source.Photo Credit: Reuters Pictures/Regis Duvignau.
Just when you thought it couldn't get better, Mrs. NoP attended the premiere of Vengeance in a stunning rose and gold sari which she coordinated with a striking pendant-style nec…

Ne Vous L'aimez?

La Rai glided down the red carpet on opening night at Cannes for the screening of Up in a Roberto Cavalli gown complete with train and a Judith Leiber clutch. Hubbie dearest made about the only fashion choice available to men at such events - a white jacket/shirt/bow tie combo with black tuxedo pants. You like?La Rai then attended a screening of Spring Fever in an Elie Saab Spring 2009 couture gown which she paired with a pink Swarovski clutch and Jimmy Choo "Kenzie" platforms. Abhi baby suited up in classic black. While she certainly looked lovely in the Cavalli gown, I personally love her look on Day 2 - sleek and elegant perfection.Photo Credit: Reuters Pictures.

Side Splitting Desippearance.

Check out Parks and Recreation star Aziz Ansari on Jimmy Kimmel. Without dipping too heavily in the now-trite funny-because-it's-desi pot, Ansari produced 8 minutes of giggleworthy bits on the show. He's truly a natural comedic talent and I'm sure looking forward to his next project. Look out for Raaaaandy from his upcoming flick Funny People, directed by Judd Apatow and co-starring Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen. If this tv desiapperance is any indication, Ansari's contribution to the movie will be hilarious. Hat tip, Amardeep over at SM.

AdWatch: Himani Navratna Oil.

Filming for this ad has all the makings of a Bollywood chartbusting dance sequence. Big B is on set in colorful, traditional Rajasthani attire and he appears to be having a grand old time shooting. I'll keep my eyes open for a completed ad for your viewing pleasure.Photo Source.

Where in the World is Desipolitan?

Hi, all! I hope your week is treating you well. I'm sorry I've been m.i.a. these last couple of days, but I promise I will be back with a vengeance come this weekend! In the meantime, I'll put up a post here and there as I can!


AdWatch: Longines.

She may have been replaced by Nakshatra, but Swiss luxury watchmaker, Longines, is sticking steadfastly with La Rai. And why not? Ten years later, the brand has successfully aligned itself with La Rai in terms of class and elegance in the consumer mind.Photos Via Longines.