Sunday, April 19, 2009

x 2: Jungle Fever.

The Informers premiere.
Mallika Sherawat (the erstwhile tamer version of Rakhi S.) inexplicably attended the Hollywood premiere of The Informers in her LB-sparkly-jungle-print-D which she previously wore to the 2008 MMPA Diversity Awards. The real question, is what is she doing in Hollywood anyway? I mean seriously, she's been hob-nobbing for a while in Tinseltown now, no doubt she's angling for a movie. So far, no dice for this spicy Indian export and would-be femme fatale.

Diversity Awards 2008.
Photo Credit: Reuters Pictures.


Aarti said...

she looks so plastic in these photos. eeks.

desipolitan said...

Totally. And I'm still wondering why she's even there in the first place.