Sunday, April 12, 2009

x 2: Abhi Baby.

It's not just actresses who get picked apart for repeating entire outfits in short turn, or worse, in the same day. AB Jr. demonstrates that it can happen to actors as well. The thing is, men can usually get away with it. A solid black, charcoal or even navy suit, without embellishments like pinstripes, can totally carry a guy through multiple events, even in the same day. I don't think anybody would bat an eye if AB Jr. wore a solid Armani suit to the Lavasa Women's Race Winners Meet, and then wore the same impeccably tailored suit to the Roopkumar Rathod album launch. I know it's not fair, but there it is. Men can get away with that, while women usually cannot. However, even with that sartorial "free pass," Abhi Baby blows it. Instead of impecabbly tailored Italian wool, he opts for - ugh - a velvet blazer over a jauntily unbuttoned white shirt and grey trousers. This is the opposite of solid black or charcoal. The velvet constitutes embellishment and is therefore immediately recognizable when it is worn again in the span of two events. AB Jr., you can probably learn quite a lot of lessons from your illustrious father. However, a penchant for velvet, is certainly not one of them!
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