Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Too Good To Be True.

At the Titan Raga "Chocolat!" launch it initially seemed like Amrita had finally gotten herself a much needed hair makeover. At first glance, her glossy curls made me (incredulously) ask myself, "Can it be? Has she finally seen a stylist and done something about that two-tone hair?" Sadly, the answer is: no. While she clearly brought a stylist on board to give her locks shiny, happy curls, it looks like that's about all she did. The two-tone remains. The bottom half almost blends into her jacket (which is obv muy brown, not at all close to black), which is why it was hard to spot the two-tone right away. Eeks. Maybe it's time to anonymously send her a box of Clairol? Whaddaya say?Photo Source.

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