Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What. The. Hell.

I had to sit down when I saw this. I had to sit down and breathe deeply and slowly drink a glass of water. After I overcame my horror, I realized that Sophie must be dressed like a silvery disco ball for a stage show at the Gitanjali Derby. What I do not understand, is ok fine, you're a Z lister so you probably can't argue too much with the director of the show about your costume, but when you are not actually performing in this glittering monstrosity of a costume, why are you happily posing for photogs? Unless Gitanjali was sponsored by the world's largest sequin manufacturer, and you are thus contractually obligated to parade around in the sponsor's sequins, for the love of God and your fashion reputation, bring a change of clothes!!!Photo Source.


BabyJanny said...

omg that is one hell of an ill-fitting, unflattering, sparkly outfit!!

desipolitan said...

I know, right? You'd think costume designers wouldn't abandon all sense of style for stage shows.