Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Time And A Place.

Only in the rarest of rare circumstances would I ever condone the wearing of sweats to any kind of event. As I've said time and again, promotional events are part of a celebrity's job description so if Joe Accountant wouldn't wear sweats to the office, why should Joe Celebrity wear them to a press meet? So basically, the stars have to align just so for me to state that sweats were a-ok. Bips attended an event at Gold's Gym in Bandra either just prior to or just after her own workout. Look at her: she's fresh faced, with her ipod ready to blast tunes. She's at the gym both to workout, and to attend an event which happens to be at the gym. So there you have it. It is perfectly acceptable to wear work out clothes when: (a) you yourself are about to work out, and (b) the event in question is at your gym. That's the rule, peeps.
Posing with Dino Morea.
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Now, let's have a looksee at Nandita who attended the Lakmé Fashion Week press meet in velor sweats. As a designer herself, and that too, attending a Fashion Week-related event, what could possibly make her think that sweats were appropriate attire. I don't care if they were overpriced Juicy sweats. Still. Not. Appropriate. She should have taken the above two-part test: (a) she's clearly not about to break out in lunges at the press conference, and (b) the press meet wasn't taking place at her neighborhood Y. Q.E.D., sweats are not appropriate.
Posing with designer Vikram Phadnis.
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Aarti said...

is that seriously bips?? Man, i'd never have guessed that was her. She looks totally different than when she's all glammed and made up. :/

On the other hand, dino looks absolutely scrumptious. yum.

desipolitan said...

haha, I know! What a difference makeup makes.